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Studying with Us


Most courses  will usually include:

  1. A placement test & speaking assessment.

  2. Regular in-course testing (the test dates are at the end of each module).

  3. A certificate of attendance: upon completion of Your course you may, on request, receive an e-certificate, showing Your course dates and language level for that course provided that You meet the criteria set - e.g. reaching the minimum level of attendance

You may also:

  1. receive tutorial sessions as appropriate

  2. make appointments with an academic counsellor at no additional charge

You should note

  1. The maximum class size is 12

There may be occasions when classes temporarily exceed this number before students are re-allocated.

UKCE carries out periodic feedback surveys. Students are invited to give feedback on several aspects of the centre, such as their lesson, teacher, facilities, etc. You are expected to participate in these surveys.

Student Code of Conduct

At UKCE, there are students and staff from all over the world and We want everyone to feel comfortable, happy, safe, and free from discrimination, regardless of their gender, religion, nationality, race, disability, sexual orientation and age.

By accepting these terms and conditions, You agree to follow all the College rules, irrespective of which centre You attend, and to behave reasonably at all times (including when online or using any form of messaging or social media) towards other students and College staff, and to respect cultural, racial and religious differences. We expect all students to uphold the core British values of democracy, individual liberty, tolerance, and the rule of law.

General Rules

  • You must abide by UK Government and UKCE safety guidelines, including Covid 19 guidelines, at all times.

  • You must only speak English in class, face-to-face or online.

  • If You are out on an excursion, stay in Your group and do not leave any activity without telling Your teacher and/or group leader first.

  • If You do not complete the placement test prior to the Friday before Your chosen start date, You will not, in any case, be permitted to enter class on Day One.

  • In the evenings, We operate a modular system with fixed start dates - and if you have chosen one of these courses you must start on an available start date and finish at a module end date. In morning and afternoon courses,  you may start on any Monday.

  • You will have to pay for any damage You cause on the College premises or at Your accommodation.

  • Smoking: It is forbidden to smoke in the College. This includes electronic cigarettes. Smoking is illegal in any public building in the UK. You cannot smoke near the front door of a centre either.

  • Internet Misuse: We have Wifi and computers available to all of Our students. You are strictly forbidden to access, either on the school system or Your networks, any site which is deemed inappropriate, or which goes against the UK Government’s Prevent strategy.

  • You are required to comply with reasonable requests made by College employees.

  • Mobile phones can only be used in class, both online and face to face, if part of the lesson and Your teacher has told You it is permitted.

  • Any form of abusive behaviour, such as bullying, harassment, anti-social behaviour, cyberbullying, and violent or intimidating behaviour is strictly prohibited and considered

  • You must adhere to our Health & Safety Policy (failure to do so may constitute grounds for expulsion).

  • Face-to-face students must wear a Student ID at all times, around the building and in Your classes. One will be given to You on Your first day. If you lose or misplace You must notify the College immediately

Attendance and Punctuality

  • Inform Us if You cannot attend a class for any reason. If Your attendance falls below 80%, then We may move You to another class. If Your attendance does not improve, Your enrolment may be terminated. You may also not get an e-certificate at the end of Your course.

  • If You are more than 20 minutes late for Your lesson, Your teacher might ask You to wait until the next break. Please see an online section for punctuality rules on online courses

  • See the attendance policy for more information.


  • The intellectual property pertaining to Our course handouts and other teaching materials is owned by Us and You cannot copy or reproduce the materials for commercial benefit. You may not record any lessons. You also are not allowed to access illegally copied and stored versions of any published material and to do so may put in jeopardy Your place on the course.

Online lessons:

  • You must follow the College’s guidelines on internet use, including not downloading or sharing any illegal or inappropriate material.

  • You must keep your camera and microphone on unless asked otherwise.

  • Do not record any part of the lesson without the permission of Your teachers and accompanying students.

  • Do not be late for any online lessons, virtual excursions or activities. If you are more than 20 minutes late for a class without a good reason, You may be asked to leave and wait until the next lesson.

  • Under 18s Only - If You need to leave your online class or activity at any time, please tell Your teacher where You are going and when You will be back.

  • You must not share any links or log in details with anyone.

  • You will not use any robot, spider, scraper, deep link or other similar automated data gathering or extraction tools, program, algorithm or methodology to access, acquire, record, copy or monitor the lessons without UKCE´s express written consent, which may be withheld in UKCE´s sole discretion.

  • You will not post or transmit any file which contains viruses, worms, Trojan horses or any other contaminating or destructive features, or that otherwise interfere with the proper working of our online courses.

Consequences of breaking College rules

  • UKCE reserves the right to terminate enrolment and refuse admission to any student or to dismiss any student from school or accommodation without refund of tuition fees in the event of misconduct, unsatisfactory attendance, breaking the rules or any other reason deemed necessary by the Senior Management Team such as an undisclosed physical or mental medical condition.

  • For more information on the consequences of committing abusive behaviour and/or breaking school rules, please see Our Student Handbook.

Arrivals & Departures

Accommodation this is normally booked unless specified by You, from the Sunday before your first course start date until the Saturday morning after Your last day of classes.

Check-in and check-out times will vary depending on the accommodation booked but in general check-in time for most accommodation is after 14:00 and check-out time is before 10:00. If You arrive outside of the time that the accommodation reception is open, then you will have to reserve alternative accommodation for that night.

With homestay accommodation You will not be permitted to arrive after 21:00. If You need to leave before 07:00 on Your day of departure then please be prepared to make alternative accommodation arrangements for Your last night as You may not be able to stay with the Hosts on that evening.

If You are travelling independently it is Your responsibility to notify the host family of Your time of arrival.

Courses - Most courses run from Monday to Friday. You will be told if that is not the case at the time of booking. It should be noted that the College Student Desk is not open at the weekends. If You need help in the event of an emergency at the weekends, then You should call the emergency telephone number that will be provided to You.

All face-to-face students will be given an ID card on their first week. Once your course finishes, your card will become inactive.

Late Arrivals & ‘No-Shows’

Late Arrivals - If You arrive after your booked accommodation or course start date You will lose the portion of your accommodation or course that you have missed. Any missed portions cannot be recovered and Your absence will be counted

No Show - if You do not attend Your first day at College or any subsequent other days and You have not followed either the Cancellation or Postponement procedure, the booking will be considered lost. Fees paid are non-refundable and appropriate steps will be taken by Us to inform immigration authorities and/or your agent (if you have used one).


Your progress depends on Your active engagement and participation in the learning process. You are required to achieve and maintain a minimum attendance level of 80%. We will work to support You in maintaining that level but reserve the right to terminate Your booking where that level falls below the expected.

Your attendance will be monitored and We will update you periodically.

See the Student Code of Conduct for more information on the consequences of low attendance.


You are required to undertake the Placement Testing process as part of Your enrolment at any centre. However, on course commencement, should Your language level be other than the level required for Your chosen course, We reserve the right to move You to an appropriate course for Your level.

Programme Changes

We all know that things can change in life no matter how effective the plans we make. We, therefore, reserve the right to make changes for the more efficient running of a centre; the delivery of educational services and to do so at short notice. This may involve, among other actions:

  • Merging classes where numbers mean that current timetables are not sustainable

  • Moving locations of delivery both physical and from face-to-face to online

  • Opening classes in additional teaching centres of similar standards

  • Adjusting timetables

  • Changing instructors and teachers

  • Cancelling programmes ( even at short notice) where minimum enrolment numbers are not reached

  • Curriculum

  • Social events (paid and unpaid) - all possible change, up to, and including cancellation

Taking a Break

Holiday entitlement:

You may, in accordance with the conditions below, interrupt your course with a planned holiday

  • Students on short courses: 1 to 12 weeks – no holiday entitlement;

  • 13-24 weeks - 4 weeks' holiday;

  • 25-44 weeks - 8 weeks' holiday

Holiday must be taken during the tuition period
The notice period for taking holiday is 5 working days. You must talk to a member of the reception team and complete the holiday form or email at least 5 working days prior to Your holiday.

Absence from the College during the time taken off as holiday entitlement will not affect your attendance record.

Any holidays booked must be in line with the modular dates and you may only re-join a class at the start of the next module.

Any holidays must be booked from Monday to Friday and for an entire week.

Holidays cannot be booked for less than 5 working days and can never be spread over different weeks.

Sick Leave is treated as holidays on the system, and  therefore same rules apply. The maximum number of weeks for booked sick leave is 4 weeks.

Filming, Recording & Photography

By accepting these terms and conditions You agree that photographs, videos, artwork or other works, live as well as recorded or written testimonials; may be used, stored or transferred internationally by the UK College of English, or by a third-party agent, for promotional purposes including printed and online marketing materials and on any social media network without further consent or notification. If You do not wish to participate, the UK College of English will respect Your wishes but it is Your responsibility to absent yourself from the photograph/video/recording.


We offer, participate and support learning through active scholarships. Where those scholarships are funded by the UK College of English, We will issue additional terms and conditions that govern those scholarships.

Where those scholarships are externally funded, recipients of those scholarships or government grants should expect to pay a deposit to the UK College of English where tuition fund reimbursement to Us is not received prior to You starting Your course.


If you wish to extend your course you may do so, provided there is a place available.

Extensions must be paid in full before a place can be reserved.

If you have booked and paid through a representative, your course extension fee must be paid to the representative. As noted above fees will be charged at the fees listed on the price list at the time.

You will continue in the same class unless advised otherwise by your teacher or Academic management.

You will not need to pay another enrolment fee if you extend.

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