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UKCE is a future-facing learning organisation with commitment to the individual as a learner, support for our global community and a cast iron dedication to achievement through quality. We seek to deliver transformative training to learners wherever they may be.

As part of a large education group – – we work across disciplines to make learning as relevant, simple and life-changing as we can.

We, as a team of professional educators, have interesting and different life experiences and interests, which we use to create a great learner experience, that delivers on results. We see learning though as not just a process driven by us. It is a world of participation and that participation involves the trainers, the learners, our environment and technology.

There is nothing top-down about our approach, and we do not see learning as simple memorization – it is experiential, it is collaborative and it can be powerful.

Join our community and help bring learning to life.  

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