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IELTS Exam Preparation

Undoubtedly the most recognised English language qualification in the world, a good score in IELTS is the key to opening the doors to many future paths – academic admission, employment or immigration. If you are looking for an IELTS preparation course, this is definitely the course for you.  Divided into 4 days to help you maximise your study time, and  to give you extra time to join our Social Fridays or catch up with some extra work. 

Small groups

Meet other students like you, and work together with your teacher to get the highest IELTS score. Groups are small - a maximum of 12 students with an average of 8

Great timetable

This 4-day IELTS course is  divided into 4 days in school  (15 hours /week) + Social Fridays to help you practise what you've learnt

Mon - Wed: 4 hours/ day   09:00 -13:30

Thursdays: 3 hours/day 9:00 - 12:15

Entry level

Upper Intermediate (B2) or IELTS band score:5.5

Real practice

Execercises from real IELTS tests and mock exams are key to  help students develop the four skills the test focuses on: writing, reading, speaking and listening. 

Social Fridays

Meet people and make progress. Every Friday we run extracurricular activities to help you meet other students and practise what you've learnt in the real world. Always accompanied by a teacher to help and support you during these activities

Minimum age 

18 and over

IELTS courses take place in our Liverpool Street centre.

Free trial lesson

Enquire about your course

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Registration fee: £80 (new students only)                         

Coursebook price per class/level £40

*Please note there will be no classes on days where the course includes a bank holiday.

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