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Private Lessons 

Group courses are not for you?  Would you like to have a more personalised programme?  Don't worry, UKCE has a great record of delivering private lessons at great value-for-money prices. In the last 12 months we have taught more than 1,000 hours of great individualised tuition.    

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Private English lessons are a great way to create the programme that is perfect for you, to work exactly on what you need. 


Just you and your teacher. 

You can also have these private classes with your friends and family. We can teach up to 4 people in one group. 


Online or face to face in our Liverpool Street centre


A 100% personalised programme to suit your learning needs - devised by you and your teacher


Lessons are normally 60-minute long.

You can have more than a lesson a day and several private lessons a week.


Any time Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 20:30. You can choose the days and times. 

Enquire about your course

Registration fee: £75 (new students only)                         

No course materials required

*Please note there will be no classes on days where the course includes a bank holiday.

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