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Your 2024 Horoscope

Written by the students of Shaylyn’s Upper Intermediate class: Andres, Malvina, Alejandro, Domi, Elizabeth, Jumana, Annie, Gleb, Ana and Thiago

2024 is turning out to be a very interesting year.  Our class has looked to the stars and found the answers to all of your burning questions.  With the help of some dice and divination, we have written here everything you need to know about your year in astrology.  Enjoy!

Upper iNTERMEDIATE students

Astrologists: Andres, Malvina, Alejandro and Domi


Be careful with your debts because a person that you owe money to will appear and you know sometimes you can’t control yourself.

That trip that you were waiting for is not going to happen if you don’t save money every month and spend your money wisely. Aries people hate monotony so this trip is important for your mindfulness.


An old boyfriend/girlfriend will appear suddenly in your life and invite you to a luxury cruise. Your life will be different after this. The choice is in your hands, but remember you are a devoted lover so you might be hurt by them, don’t blow it!

If you decide to go on this trip beware of the weather conditions because a catastrophe may happen and the cruise might be at risk. All odds are against you, don’t let your main character syndrome pop up!


It could be a good time to reconnect with nature to find some inner peace and forget about your worries. Try to be more open with your relationships.  Your timidness might spoil the opportunity to find real love but the cards are in your favour at this time.

What do you think about spending more time with your family and friends? Forget about your work and your worries for a bit and try to find quality time with others. Now is not the time to be alone.


You will meet a new person. This person is cancer just like you so keep this relationship at arm’s length.  If you don’t, something terrible will occur. Cancers are not made to be together (maybe look for a gemini).

You have a new job coming your way. All your life you’ve been a very responsible person and now it’s paying off. Pay attention to the opportunities that life shows you.

Astrologists: Jumana, Elizabeth and Annie.


You want to be the centre of attention! You are generous, loyal, and optimistic. You love luxury, shiny things and being comfortable.  You are the king of the zodiac. 

You will have a good relationship this year, and spend lots of lovely time with your family.

This week you will have good luck with the lottery.

What are the most important things for you this week?

You need to look inside your heart to choose something special for you.


You are analytical, spirited, but also receptive and patient.  Virgos are usually very conventional and precise, but they are also ambitious and constantly busy.

You will make the right choice in your life.

Now is not the time to invest your money, the best thing for the moment is to spend time with friends. This will make you over the moon.


You are the typical person who likes harmony in relationships.  You try to balance beautiful things, but you fall in love easily and are a people-pleaser. Sometimes you have a fickle character.

You are also deeply good, because you will make an optimistic choice.

You have a big opportunity to find your soulmate.  You are considered expressive, creative and always ready to open your heart to those around you.

What do you think about your soulmate’s personality? 


You have a deep personality and enjoy studying esoteric topics.  You are serious and adventures too, but also very secretive and controlling. 

Travel for you is not recommended this time.

It could be a good time to study new topics about astrology including I-CHING and TAROT.

This subject will open your mind and give you extraordinary energy to improve your life.

Astrologists : Thiago, Gleb, and Ana 


Aquarians are people who have a cold heart and always choose themselves first. They could be loyal to the people they love but they are also honest and confrontational.

After having an argument with a friend, it might be difficult to reconcile.

Aquarians are typically people who love saving money to invest in their dreams, but these days you have to be careful about spending more money than you expected.


Pisces are trustworthy and will never betray you.

Pisces people are loyal.  They are spiritually connected with the universe, they love nature and animals.

It's important to take every opportunity to go out. A new love is coming to your life, but it will be short-lived. Enjoy it but don't fall in love.


Taking nature trips could help you find yourself.

It's a good time for you to go out and have many drinks with your friends.

You should try doing routine things, as it's not a good time to try new ones. 

You might be surprised by a visit from a friend who you haven't seen for a long time.


The most important thing for Capricorns is work, building a career, having a safe home and a strong family.

It could be a good time to spend time with your family instead of thinking a lot about money.

Capricorns are typically people who love to be in control, but now is the time for travel. It could be a good time to break away from your routine. 

Enjoy the journey!!!

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