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The most interesting things we´ve done while in England

Intermediate level class

*Ivo's class Intermediate Level

The UKCE Intermediate class tells us the most interesting things you can find in the England.

1. A Day Trip to Northampton

The city is famous for the factories, making some traditional shoe brands such as Edward Green, Church’s, John Robb etc. These are some of the most popular shoe brands, representing the British style. You can find them cheaper than usual and if you’re lucky, you can enter the factory and see the shoes being manufactured.

2. The Mayflower Pub

The Mayflower Pub

If you want to enjoy English pub food in a quiet place, but still in the city you should enjoy a meal at Mayflower Pub. There is a beautiful view over Thames and the old dockland buildings and it’s probably the closest pub to the river. It is a 30 min walk from the Tower of London. While you are walking you can see some attractions like the Tower Bridge or the old dockland buildings. If this is too long to walk for you, you can also take the bus which takes about 16 minutes.

3. The Saatchi Gallery

This is hands down the best art exhibit I have ever been to, it’s 3 floors across the entire Saatchi gallery, full of the most iconic and influential moments in street art and graffiti. Despite the amount of art in paraphernalia, they’ve managed to make sure the exhibit doesn’t feel stuffy or overdone. They still have everything from this immersive neon graffiti room. Everything is so meticulously curated and researched. You could spend hours in there soaking it all in. The entry fee is £16.

4. Music: (ABBA and Dirty dancing)

ABBA musical

In London there are many different musical attractions. You can enjoy a lot of shows or theater plays. I particularly went to the ABBA show, all of which has been done with animation. The singers seem to be real on stage, but they are just their imagines projected on the 3D screen. Another musical show was Dirty Dancing, based on the 80’s movie, which tells a romantic story full of dancing and drama.

5. The nice place, called Camden Town

Camden Town is where the singer Amy Winehouse lived. There you can find so many different food options and you can also buy souvenirs and clothes. People

have many different styles and generally it is a very open-minded neighborhood. It is worth the visit!

6. Fantastic Natural History Museum

 Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum in London is the Museum that exhibits a great amount of animal species and various segments of the history. It is famous for the dinosaur skeletons’ exhibition and its beautiful architecture. Founded 142 years ago, the museum is free to visit for everyone although some exhibitions and events require an admission fee and a pre-booked ticket. I really recommended it to you.

7. Borough Market

Here you can find many types of international food such as fish and chips, risotto and paella. it’s also made by artisans with organic ingredients, it’s cheap, (you can find food as cheap as around £5. It is situated in a good location near Tower Bridge and London Bridge. You can enjoy the walk seeing the views of the city of London, the walk from Liverpool Street Station is 15 minutes long.

8. Richmond Park

This park is the largest one of London’s Royal parks. It is an important habitat for wildlife and national nature reserve. The best seasons for you to visit is spring and autumn. We can enjoy a day of relax, walking, running and having a picnic seeing deer. If you love animals, you should go to this park. You can go there by tube (District Line) and it takes around an hour and half from Liverpool St.

9. Sky Garden

Sky Garden

It’s a place where you can overlook the city of London from a height 155m above the ground, the people call Sky Garden “Walkie Talkie”. The entry is free, but we need to book in advance. The views of any city are the best had during sunset and sunrise. It’s unique building and the view from there is amazing, as well there is a beautiful garden inside. The station closest to Sky Garden is Monument Station, it’s just short walk away.

10.Green Park

This fantastic Green Park is situated near the Buckingham Palace where people go to relax with friends or alone to read a book and see the view, for example. The

park is close to the underground station Green Park, so it’s very easy to get there from central London. You can even get there on foot. The park is enormous and very beautiful.

11. NQ64 Soho Arcade Bar

 Soho Arcade Bar

It is a bar with a different atmosphere full of arcade machines such as Time Crisis, Pacman, Super Mario, Play Station etc. from the 90’s. The décor is dark and immersive with neon splattered graffiti all over the walls you can go there for a few cocktails or just to play a few games and have a really good time, having a walk down Memory Lane.

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