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The benefits of studying English part-time, and a great offer!

part time course

Studying English part-time can be a great way to learn and practice. I’ll give some reasons below, and if you’re looking for a studying opportunity, don’t miss our offer on part-time courses: details are at the bottom of the page. As always there’s a glossary at the end for those unfamiliar words and phrases.

1. You are able to work at the same time

Living in London is expensive. If you study English for a few hours in the evening, you can still work during the day which means that bank account isn’t going into the red. The other benefit of working and studying is that you can practice what you’ve learned in class in a real-life setting with colleagues you know and trust.

2. You can move at a slower pace

The full-time intensive approach can be very effective, but it’s time consuming and doesn’t always work for people with jobs and families. Studying part-time means the new things you’ve learned have time to sink in. There’s also more time for private study, so you can look up synonyms or other ways of expressing the words and phrases you learnt the night before.

3. English Part-time lessons may fit your schedule better

There’s a part-time course running at the UK College of English now on Monday and Wednesday evenings. If you have a family, you can share the childcare so both parents are able to see the kids and do something for themselves. If you are working normal office hours (9am-5pm) then you have time to come to an English course after dinner; 2 longer days are manageable for most and a change is as good as rest, as they say!

4. You can still claim benefits

If you are a part-time student, you are still able to claim certain benefits, like Universal Credit. Check with Citizen’s Advice for details.

5. Go for a drink after!

I’ve taught several classes where some of the students like to meet up towards the end of the week for a drink (alcoholic or not) to socialize and wind down. These low-pressure meetings are a great way to get to know your classmates (and teacher) and practice your English in a real-life setting.


Studying part-time can work really well, even if you’re busy with work and family. If you book a 12 week part-time course at the UK College of English now, you’ll receive another 2 weeks (that’s four whole lessons) absolutely free! Classes are from 18:30-20:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays. These courses run four times a year and this offer expires on the 8th of February so book now and start your learning journey with UKCE.


In the red – become overdrawn, have negative money in your account. The opposite is in the black.

Sink in – (of information), to learn and understand.

Wind down - relax

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