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November newsletter

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

A word from Head of Business Development

Dear Student, Love it or hate it, it is that time of the year again; December is here— bringing with it the end of the year and a festive energy that makes us want to revel in every moment of winter’s charm! It’s a month of joyful celebrations, reflective moments, and the warmth of time shared together by the fireside.

But before falling into joyful December, let’s check out what happened in November in UKCE. Our students went to Science Museum, had a great Tower Bridge experience and a marvellous tour of the West End Christmas Lights as well as bespoke workshops, film clubs and conversation clubs. Our Early Bird campaign is still on and yet it will expire soon so be quick! If you are thinking of starting your English course in January, this offer will suit you perfectly. Also, a word of warning! Evening classes are overloading—They are starting on 8th of January! Make sure you don’t miss your place!

And a final reminder: UKCE is going on holiday for 2 weeks. Our campus will be closed from 18th of December to 1st of January during Christmas. We will be back on Tuesday, 2nd of January with new year, new adventures, and new beginnings!

Wishing you all a very happy New Year and Merry Christmas! 🎄Shine bright and be a diamond in the world of ordinary zircons! 💎😉

Here’s to making the most of November newsletter!



Evening Courses

Hurry up and seize the opportunity of our amazing Offer! For the next 15 days only, you can avail yourself of a 15% price reduction on AM and PM courses lasting 12 weeks or more. Don't let this chance slip away; it's your golden opportunity to make significant savings while honing your English skills at your own convenience. Take advantage of this exclusive deal now and begin your language-learning journey today! Classes are starting on 8th of January!

What happened in UKCE in November?

Upcoming Events

Hey there! Get ready for an awesome December packed with cool stuff! We've got a super fun "Conversation Club," the Student Christmas party, Rooftop Ice Skating, and plenty more lined up! Come join in the excitement, level up your skills, and have a blast with us!

​For more information contact

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