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February newsletter

A word from Head of Business Development

Dear student, Even though February is the shortest month of the year, this year it has seemed like the longest. We have all seen that the lives can change forever in less than ten seconds. Therefore, don't waste your happiness on dwelling on the future. Don't postpone your joy for some future outcome. Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for someone to fall in love with you, for life.

If you want to be happy, stop waiting and make the most of the moment you're in NOW. Because you have only one life, so live it right.

In this month’s newsletter, our focus is reaching people who are in need and that is the reason why we are launching a campaign to raise money to help save lives and support people affected by the earthquakes. You can help by donating as every tiny help is crucial and together, we can make an impact.

Furthermore, we had the opportunity to meet our partners in ICEF Dubai and it has been a pleasure for us to be able to see them and catch up. We shall meet again!

Please take time to have a look at our newsletter and see what has happed on our campuses this February!

Thanks, Beren

What happened in UKCE in January?

Meet Patrick/ Academic Registrar

- Hello Patrick! Could you please tell us about yourself?

Patrick- I’m 45 years old from a seaside town in the North of England Called Blackpool.

- So, What’s your story? How did get where you are today?

Patrick- I have been a teacher for over 18 years. I got my teaching qualification at the University of Liverpool in 2003 before moving to Spain in 2005 to put it to use.

- What was your life like before you began working as a teacher?

Patrick-I had a few different jobs including, Environmental Consultant, Customer Retention Advisor at o2 and Stock Controller at Virgin Records ( at one of their high street shops not the actual record company headquarters).

- What was most surprising to you about English language teaching?

Patrick- The ability of some people to pick up the language very quickly.

- Could you tell our students what the achievement or contribution that you are most proud of is?

Patrick- Running my own small school in the North of Spain.

- Is there anything or any advice you would like to share with students?

Patrick- Speak English as much as possible. It’s a productive skill. If you don’t use it, your speaking won’t improve.

Thanks a lot for your time, Patrick

Earthquake Appeal

At UKCE we’ve come together to help the victims of the earthquake in Syria and Turkey. Millions of people are in urgent need of shelter, food, and medical aid. They need our help to survive.

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