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December newsletter

A word from Head of Business Development

Dear Student, 

2024 is here! And goodbye 2023, thanks for a great year!  We’ve had an amazing year and it’s all thanks to you- our marvellous students!  

I would like to start this month’s newsletter by giving you a recap of our achievements in 2023 as it has been a wonderful year for UKCE leading us to proudly became a precursor of 4 Day Programmes all over the world and we are glad to see this initiation has been successful and led many other schools to change their programmes from 5 days to 4 days giving an extra day to their students for extracurricular activities. Because of you, we are feeling extra thankful this year and to show our gratitude we will go on guiding you through an even happier year filled with new surprises, memories, and a renewed sense of exploration. Well, here’s to your best year yet, 2024 is going to look great on you! 

Remember; it is never late to learn English! Strong study habits can help you succeed in your classes. You just need to learn how to make lasting habits; we have a list of free educational resources on our website, see the link below in the newsletter, and what’s more; Evening classes are starting next week. 

Always stay tuned for updates and enjoy our newsletter👇  

I appreciate your time!  


Evening Courses

Classes are starting on 8th of January!!

Ready to level up your English skills in 2024? Join our exciting new evening English courses! Whether you're aiming for better conversations or academic success, our classes are designed to fit your schedule. Start your year with us and reach new language goals while enjoying the convenience of evening learning. Enroll today and make 2024 your year of English success!

Free Educational Sources

Our teachers have prepared a list of free educational sources. Here, you’ll find a variety of English learning materials; quizzes, guides, and more to help you grow.

What happened in UKCE in December?

Upcoming Events

Hey there! January  is going to be fantastic! We have exciting things planned.

Join us for these fun events, boost your skills, and have a great time together!

​For more information contact

The best carols and Christmas songs to practice your English

The word ‘carol’ comes from the French word ‘caroller’ which means to dance around in a circle. Eventually, the word carol came to mean a joyful Christian song sung at Christmas time. In the 17th Century, Christmas carols were banned by Oliver Cromwell so many ancient carols have been lost, but they were made popular again in the Victorian era and have been a fundamental part of Western Christmas celebration ever since.

Things to do in January in London

January is a bit of a weird month - we're ushering in a new year and new opportunity, but we're also recovering from all the celebrations that took place in December! Read more!

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