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August newsletter

A word from Head of Business Development

Dear Student,


It is now time to say goodbye to our fleeting summer as September is here – marking the transition from summer to autumn and ushering in an energy that makes us want to savour every moment of the crisp mornings and the cosy evenings! It’s a month of new beginnings, heart-warming traditions, and the enchantment of golden leaves and apple orchards.

September is a return to shortening days but a time of new beginnings. UKCE is now bringing the noise back with our new “Back to School” offers, we have not one but two different offers this September, all you need to do is get your level test done and see which offer fits you well. Sounds interesting? If so, there are more details awaiting you in this month’s newsletter.

August was another busy month for our students as again they have taken part in many activities including going to the British Museum, Changing the Guard, Games at Battersea and Seven Sisters Cliffs. They had so much fun enjoying the last days of the beautiful weather and socialising with their friends. It is worth having a look at our gallery to see how much they enjoyed their time in our activities.

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Chop, chop! Let summer be gone and here’s to making the most of September! Beren

Discover our "Back to School" offers

It’s that time of the year, we’re all getting ready to go back to school again.

This September we have several offers for you – free weeks, discounts and more!

Are you an Elementary student, Intermediate or Advanced?

Don’t worry, we’ve got offers for everyone this autumn.

What happened in UKCE in July?

Upcoming Events

rent park

Would you like to meet new people? Would you like to keep learning English outside the school?

The UKCE experience goes far beyond the classroom. Our extracurricular activities are a great way to meet other students and continue developing your language skills. Everyone’s invited to come and join us.

​For more information contact

5 ways to SMASH your IELTS

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Ordering a drink


Facing difficulties when ordering a drink at a bar? Don't worry! Read the tips provided by our teacher Tom on our blog to master the art.

Things to do in Septemeber in London


London comes alive in September with city-wide celebrations, family fun and exciting festivals, as the city basks in the last weeks of summer.

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