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October newsletter

A word from Head of Business Development

Dear Student, November is one of the most inspiring months of the year. The leaves are changing colour, the air is crisp, and you can feel the weather changing. There is no denying that November marks the beginning of a joyful and unforgettable holiday season. It is also characterized by shorter days and longer, colder nights as winter begins to set in. Before we get into the holiday mindset, let’s check out what happened at UKCE during October. As always, our students attended many social activities such as going to the London Dungeon, the Holly Art Fair and to Cambridge as well as attending film clubs, conversation clubs and a CV Workshop. We also welcomed groups of Spanish and Italian students who really enjoyed their time in London. With this month’s newsletter, we have some updates which we believe you will all really appreciate. November is famous for Black Friday offers and for that we have prepared an “Early Bird Offer” which is valid until the 15th of December. With this offer, when you book 12 weeks or more, you will be given 15% off on AM or PM course fees. Another great update is that we are bringing our Evening Courses back. The classes will start in January. Get your place before it is too late. Last but not least, we are very happy to announce that UKCE has won an award for providing “Excellence in Counselling Support” by Endless Abroad, one of our most prestigious partners. We will keep doing our best to ensure you all have the best experience while studying with us. 🏆 Now, sit back, relax and enjoy our newsletter👇 Thanks Beren

Evening Courses

Learn English the fun way with Evening's courses! Whether you're just starting or want to become a pro, our friendly teachers and cool lessons will help you speak English like a pro. Join our English family now and start your exciting language adventure! Classes are starting on 2nd of January!

What happened in UKCE in October?

Upcoming Events

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Exciting November Extracurriculars!

Join us this November for our "Cover Letter Writing Workshop," a Science Museum visit, Film Club... and more! Elevate your skills and have fun with us!

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Twelve English Idioms Everybody Should Know

Unlock the charm of the English language with insights from our talented Advanced Class students. They take you on a journey through the heart of idiomatic expressions, showcasing the essence and wit of the English tongue.

Writing a formal email at work

Email is normally a pretty informal way of communicating these days, but there are often times when you have to write a formal email. This might be when applying for a new job, when communicating with your boss, or to communicate with a customer or another business.

The 5 best TV shows for learning English

Ready to watch some TV in English? This can be a great activity to help you unwind but you’ll still learn something, even if it’s just a word or phrase.

Can vs Could

Another two easily confused words this week. Fortunately, the difference between these two is fairly straightforward though the explanations I found online are a little bit confusing. I’ll do my best to describe the difference simply by giving examples of the 4 ways in which the two words are used: possibility, ability, making requests and offers, and asking for or giving permission.

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