Facebook Vs Instagram Comparison

1)  Instagram offers better engagement Instagram outperforms Facebook when it comes to engagement. A News Whip study proves this fact by comparing the average likes for posts on the two platforms. If you look at the following data, you will see a clear contrast in the number of likes for the same brand on Instagram… Read More

Instagram Dark mode is finally here!

  Instagram has finally got a dark mode, allowing people to browse their phone without being dazzled. The new feature allows to turn the lights out and scroll with a sleek new white-on-black color scheme. The feature could also help save battery on devices that have an OLED screen, since that part of the display… Read More

A fun technique to host a Facebook Party

  Objective: Create Fun Games to Entertain your Audience and Offer Relevant Prizes During the Sales Party, games must have a dual purpose: on the one hand, they must entertain your audience and on the other, they must promote the sale of your products. Therefore, in all the games that you propose, you should meet… Read More

UK’s best place to live

Have you ever wondered what is the nicest place to live in the UK? Well, according to The Sunday Times, it’s our very own Salisbury! Described as “a divinely attractive and welcoming place” Salisbury has beaten all comers to be voted overall winner in the newspaper’s “Best Places To Live guide 2019.” ( The medieval cathedral city is commended… Read More

Food heaven at Tottenham Court Road

  If you hadn’t noticed, things are happening around Tottenham Court Road, with the £35 million West End Project set to transform the area, including an Oxford Circus style diagonal crossing, lots more green areas and a redeveloped station in time for the hotly awaited Crossrail which will connect us directly to Heathrow and beyond…. Read More