Work Ready Programme

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Finding a job nowadays is not as straightforward as it may have been in the past. Having a good CV no longer works. Personal branding, public speaking and networking are essential aspects of finding a new job in this digital era.

This course will provide students with the necessary tools to find their next job and become the right candidate. Amongst some of the skills they will develop, students will learn how to identify their own strengths as well as their prospective employer’s needs. They will be able to present themselves in a professional manner, network both face to face and online, and write an outstanding CV and cover letter.

This 60-hour course focuses on four key areas:

• Personal Branding

• Presentational Skills

• Social Networking

• Quality Job Search

This programme has been designed to help both native and non-native speakers face the new future. To help job seekers even more, we have devised two different options: full time (4 weeks) and part time (12 weeks). Don’t wait any longer.  Choose the right course for you. Invest on yourself. Invest on your future.

Entry Level

From B2+




CourseStart DayTimeHours DurationDaysEnrol
Work Ready Full Time18th January 2021; 15th February 2021; 15th March 2021; 12th April
2021; 10th May 2021; 7th June 2021; 5th July 2021; 2nd August 2021; 27th September 2021; 25th October 2021; 22nd November 2021
9:00 -12:0015h/week4 weeksMonday to Friday




CourseStart DayTimeHours DurationDaysEnrol
Work Ready Part Time18th January 2021 and 12th April 202118:30 – 20:306h/week12 weeksMonday, Tuesday and Thursday