Why Healthcare Professionals Choose the OET Exam

Why Healthcare Professionals Choose the OET Exam

The occupational English test for nurses

Those who want to study or work in healthcare in the UK will need an English certification. This shows that they are able to speak with patients in English.

Communication is an important part of working in healthcare. If English isn’t your first language, it’s important that you are still able to answer a patient’s questions confidently and clearly. This will help patients to feel calm and cared for.

The Occupational English test (OET) is an English test designed for healthcare workers. It allows you to work or study healthcare in English-speaking countries including the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, and Singapore.

Read on to find out why healthcare workers across the world are choosing to take the OET exam.

The OET Exam Prepares You for Real Work

The occupational English test for nurses and healthcare workers is different to other English language tests because it is healthcare specific. This makes it perfect for healthcare workers including nurses, doctors, dentists, dieticians, and opticians.

The test is split into four parts: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Each of these includes real life examples. For example, in the writing test you will be asked to write a letter to a patient. The speaking part of the test involves a role play with someone playing the role of the patient.

Happy female doctor giving high fie to a little boy who came with father at hospital.

The OET exam prepares you to work in an English speaking environment. It will also help you with any cultural differences. Some students find that English hospitals tend to be more patient-focused, meaning that patients ask more questions and need more detailed answers. The OET exam will prepare you for this early on by testing you in real life work scenarios.

The Occupational English Test for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals Will Include Medical Vocabulary

If you work in healthcare, then you will know that there are lots of medical words that you use in an everyday setting. This may not be a part of other English language tests, but it’s important for your career that you recognise these words.

The OET exam is designed for healthcare workers, so it will include this vocabulary. This will mean that it will show if you are well prepared to continue your career in an English speaking country.
There are more than 20 OET exam dates this year, allowing students to choose when is best for them to take the test.

Apply For a Tier 2 Visa and UK Registration with the OET Exam

Since October 2019, healthcare workers applying for a Tier 2 Visa for the UK can use their OET exam results. Previously, professionals had to take a second English language test to apply for a UK visa.

This makes it easier for doctors, nurses, and dentists to work in the UK. You will need to show that you passed the test within the last two years with a grade B or above in each of the test categories.

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