Female Icons in History

Female Icons in History

Most of us are inspired by the women in our personal lives, but what women inspire you from history?  For centuries women have been leading, discussing, discovering, influencing, and fighting for equal rights.  However, when you ask people to name an iconic woman, many of them will name women well-known for their beauty and sex-appeal.  Let’s change that.  Let’s look at three iconic women from history: one who fought for freedom, one who fought for race equality, and one who fought for gender equality. Maybe these women will inspire you too.


The first woman I would like us to look at is Boudicca.  Ever heard of her?  Probably not, right?  She was a Celtic queen in Britain during the Roman occupation.  Around the year 61 AD, Boudicca united her people with neighbouring tribes to revolt against the oppressive Romans.  Despite the Roman Empire being the strongest empire in ancient history, Boudicca was so successful that the Romans almost left Great Britain entirely. Why have so many people never heard of such a cool lady?  Boudicca’s strength and determination inspired many people to join her cause and she wasn’t a queen! This is why she is one of my female icons.

Rosa Parks

Another fantastic female from history is none other than Rosa Parks.  One of the greatest African American civil rights activists, she is famous all over the world for refusing to give her bus seat to a white passenger in 1955, which was illegal. Rosa Parks’ extreme courage and bravery was one of the most important moments in the fight for race equality in America.  She is an inspiration. Furthermore, her actions are an excellent example of how doing something simple can change the world.  She stood up for what she believed in, and consequently helped an entire country move closer to equality.

Malala Yousafzai

Finally, my third female icon made history at the age of 17 by defying the Taliban and fighting for gender equality.  She is none other than Malala Yousafzai.  Malala became a women’s rights activist and female educator when she was still a child, despite death threats from the Taliban.  When she was only 15, she survived an assassination attempt.  Despite this horrible situation, Malala nevertheless continued her fight for gender equality and became the youngest person to ever win the Nobel Peace Prize.  I find Malala’s story particularly inspiring.  She was brave, yes, but furthermore she only became braver in spite of nearly losing her life.

These women will be remembered as three incredible females who changed the course of history.  I admire them for their tenacity, their bravery, and their strength.  While it is important to have those female role models in our personal lives, it is equally as important to look at history for examples of great females.  History tends to favour male icons. But it doesn’t take much research to find the incredible women who have left their mark.  If you look through history, you will no doubt find even more inspiring female icons.  What do you think? What women inspire you from history?  Leave us a comment if you know of any other amazing women in history or check out some of the links below!



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