Know your Learning Style

We all learn in different ways and knowing your learning style can help you and your teacher identify which activities will suit you best.

Complete the quiz to see what kind of learner you are. Most people have more than one way they like to learn.

Circle 1 if you disagree with the statement, 2 if you agree with the statement and 3 if you strongly agree with the statement. After that add up the scores to see which totals are highest.

After you register at UKCE, the college will give you a needs analysis form, including a question about learner style. Now you will know how to answer!


I am good at singing123
I play a musical instrument123
I can remember songs/meoldies123
I can whistle a tune123



I understand other peoples thoughts and ideas123
I am often the leader in activities123
I enjoy talking to people123
I try and help people with their problems123


Intrapersonal/ solitary

I like being alone123
I like working alone in class123
I like studying alone123
I know what I am good at123


Bodily – kinaesthetic

I enjoy physical excerise123
I have good coordination123
It is easy to copy people123
I am good with my hands123


Visual/ spatial

I enjoy doing puzzles123
I can read maps easily123
I have a good sense of direction123
I enjoy art activities123
I like charts, diagrams and graphs123


Logical/ mathematical

I like solving problems123
I like to categories things123
I can do calculations in my head123
I like numbers, computers and strategy games123


Linguistic/ verbal

I like telling stories/jokes123
I have a good vocabulary in my native language123
I can remember information123
I enjoy word games and tongue twisters123


Musical / aural

If you scored highly in this area, listening to music or playing a musical instrument are probably important parts of your life. If you enjoy listening to music, try listening to more English songs to help increase your vocabulary.

Interpersonal / social

If you scored highly in this area, you probably enjoy being around and working with other people. You probably enjoy working in pairs and groups in class and are often the leader of your group. Finding a regular study buddy to do your homework and revision with will help you learn

Intrapersonal / solitary

If you scored highly in this area, you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses and enjoy working alone. There are many ways to study alone including borrowing a graded reader from our library, writing a diary in English and working your way through an independent study grammar exercise book.

Bodily- kinaesthetic

If you scored highly in this area, you probably like to work with your hands and don’t enjoy sitting in the same place for a long time. Try making word tiles on small pieces of paper and matching them together instead of just writing them. You could also put posters of vocabulary or grammar on your wall and move around as you study them.

Visual / spatial

If you scored highly in this area, you probably have good spatial and visual awareness. You probably have a good sense of direction and rarely get lost. Try using different colours in your notes and organise your work into charts and diagrams. You could also try drawing pictures to remember vocabulary.


If you scored highly in this area, you probably have a logical mind that likes to categorise things. You probably like clear, logical rules and explanations and enjoy problem solving. Remember there aren’t always logical rules to English, but it might help you to organise grammar and vocabulary into categories.

Linguistic / verbal

If you scored highly in this area, you probably love learning new vocabulary. You could start a vocabulary book and write down all the new words you hear in class, at work or even at home. You could also write down any new idioms and proverbs you learn and their translation in your language- if there is one!

Adapted from the MEXTESOL (Mexican branch of the American Teachers Of English To Speakers Of Other Languages) Journal by Mary Ann Christison