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UKCE’s Scholarship Scheme to help young women into the world of work 

UKCE is very pleased to have created a tuition scholarship fund for women aged between 22 and 30 who have been without work for a period of 3 months or longer. 

It is incredible that in the 21st century women are still disadvantaged in the world of work – not only in finding employment but then in pay inequality once the work has been found.   

A recent ILO report noted the following, “The current global labour force participation rate for women is close to 49%. For men, it’s 75%. That’s a difference of 26 percentage points, with some regions facing a gap of more than 50 percentage points 

The outlook does not improve when it comes to pay gap inequality. The UN noted that, Worldwide, women only make 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. As a result, there’s a lifetime of income inequality between men and women and more women are retiring into poverty. 

Can we change that?: ‘We Can Do It!” 

Imagine for one moment that we start making those changes. Even if we only look at the countries in the OECD, the accountancy firm PWC has calculated that: 

– there would be a $6tn boost to OECD GDP from increasing female employment rates to match those of Sweden 

– we would see a $2tn boost to OECD female earnings from closing the gender pay gap 

With our “‘We Can Do It!” scholarship fund we want to help make this happen. You can make an application for our tuition scholarship fund if you qualify in the following 

– a woman aged between 22 and 30 

– have not had paid employment for at least 3 months before you apply for the scholarship 

The “‘We Can Do It!” scholarship fund can be used for either face to face or on-line study programmes. 


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