UKCE Tetouan

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The campus is located in the heart of Tetouan in northern Morocco



The city of Tetouan, declared a World Cultural Heritage by Unesco, is noted for its strategic location as it is less than 40 minutes from Tangier, 20 minutes from Sebta (Ceuta) Spanish and 10 minutes from the famousTamouda Bay, a 35km stretch of coast along the Mediterranean.  It is also only  an hour from Chefchaouen, known as the Blue City.

Its advantageous location, its beaches as well as its mountains and forests, make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco.


The School:

The school is fully equipped with the most recent technology and up-to-date teaching materials. With modern language labs, WIFI through and small library that contains a number of books on a variety of topics. The school’s priority is to offer quality English teaching by adopting the latest approaches in the field, and by selecting the most qualified teachers, both Moroccan and native speaker, based on their certifications and teaching experience.


The Courses:

The school offers a variety of part-time courses all year round, and intensive courses over the summer

Part-time General English for adults (+16)

Part-time General English for young adults (12-16)

English Courses for tweens (10-12)

IELTS preparation

Communication Courses


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