Increasing your IELTS band score

Whether you’ve taken the test before and not done as well as you hoped, or you’re looking to try and get the most marks possible on your first go, it’s always good to look to improve your IELTS band score. By doing this, you increase your chances of passing and securing that all-important qualification. After that, the world is yours!

Improving Your IELTS Band Score

At UKCE, we’re experts at all things IELTS, including how to improve your score. To help you out, we’ve put together a few of the many IELTS general tips and tricks we teach to our students that boost their marks.

Look at Where You Went Wrong

If you’ve already taken the IELTS exam and failed, it’s a good idea to look back and consider what you did wrong. Write down what you struggled with in the exam, including which section (writing, reading, listening or speaking) you found the hardest and pin-point focal areas such as pronunciation or range of vocabulary. By knowing what you need to improve on, you can make your preparation a whole lot easier.

Understand the Test Structure

To get a good IELTS general band score, it’s essential you know what to expect before you sit down to take the test. The IELTS exam is made up of four sections, as mentioned above, and each section requires you to do a certain number of things, for example writing an essay. Learn all of these things before and you can easily increase you IELTS band score.

Listen and Read in English

One of the most effective IELTS general tips and tricks is to immerse yourself in the language. If you’re watching a film, try to watch an English film (hopefully you can watch without subtitles but even with them this’ll still help you). Read books and online news sites in English and listen to English podcasts. This’ll help you to become more fluent, pick up new vocabulary and understand the structure of the language – all essential for improving your IELTS band score.

IELTS Preparation Course

An IELTS preparation course can really help to improve your chances of getting the highest IELTS band score – and who doesn’t want that? By having the support of fully-trained staff who know exactly how to help you prepare and pass as well as an abundance of available resources, revising for the IELTS exam has never been easier!

At UKCE, our IELTS preparation course in London is what you need to ensure you get the best IELTS band score you can. Discover our day and evening courses and why studying English with us is your number one choice.