The benefits of online lessons

The benefits of online lessons

Online English Lessons


The benefits of online lessons

A lot of students get fixated on face to face lessons. However, there are some great benefits to online lessons too:

1. Flexible schedule and environment.

You can learn English while being in the comfort of your own home, whether that is in London or anywhere in the world. This means you can choose the time that suits you best and the course(s) you would prefer.

2. Self-discipline and responsibility.

In regular face to face classes you are taught learner autonomy in the classroom, this is to help you learn and study on your own as well as in the classroom. Lessons are not only there to teach you English but to also help you to help yourselves in everyday language. Online classes are similar; the teacher will give you homework to help you practise whilst at home, so that you are using the skills they have taught you in class and the teacher can provide extra work for those that need or want it to help you improve at your own pace.

3. Self-paced learning.

The teacher is still there for you as an individual student just like face to face classes. If you need help with anything or have some questions for the teacher that you would prefer to ask outside of the classroom, then online classes are supplemented with an application such as Google classroom. This allows the teacher to talk to students individually and also upload work onto the application for their students to download. The teacher is still there for you even if they are not physically in the same room.

However, there are also some things that you can do as a student to improve your online learning experience too.

· Create a comfortable working environment – this is so that you feel comfortable while having your lessons and you don’t strain yourself by being on a computer every day, but it also has to be functional. If you can create a good working environment, you will be able to concentrate better and achieve more in your classes.

· Use the resources given to you. Your teacher will be giving you work to do in the live classes as well as homework. Use these resources to help you improve your language skills. If you want extra work or need the teacher to go over something for you, just ask them.

So, when thinking about starting a new course consider the benefits of online learning as well as the face to face classes. They have benefits too and can help improve your language at a pace and time that is best for you.

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