Terms and Conditions – Booking your course


The tuition price paid includes the following services: Your lessons, Your induction, use of College facilities including WiFi, Your initial placement and subsequent progress testing and an attendance e-certificate on completion of the course. We may not grant You a certificate if there are any fees outstanding or You have not met the required attendance percentage ( for most courses this is 80%). We will also not give the certificate if You have breached the Student Code of Conduct.

Other Fees

You may book other service with Us. The list of those services and their prices (including but not limited to: airport transfers; social activities; travel and medical insurance; accommodation and accommodation supplements; exam & exam booking fees; change fees: of accommodation; subscription fees and materials fees) can be found on the current price list. Any of those additional services are not included in any tuition fees. We reserve the right to both amend prices for these services and to withdraw old and add new services with no notice. These additional services are not refundable once booked and paid for.


For students who have come from overseas to attend face to face programmes, Travel and Medical insurance is mandatory for the duration of your stay regardless of Your program length or program/visa type. UK College of English have a an insurance programme available if you require it – please contact info@ukenglish.org.uk for more information.

We may require You to show evidence that You have appropriate insurance in place prior to commencing Your course.

If You need to apply for a Short-Term Study Visa because You are studying for 6 months or longer, then as part of the process you will also be required to purchase the UK Government’s Healthcare Surcharge. This will entitle You to use the National Health Service, but You should also ensure You have appropriate Travel and Medical insurance. More details on the Healthcare Surcharge is available here.


Full payment for the course and accommodation, if applicable, must be made prior to starting the course, including payment for any official documentation. Such payment should be in cleared funds with the College at least 14 days prior to the start of the first service purchased.

Should any monies be outstanding, the costs incurred due to measures taken to recover unpaid fees will be paid by the student.

Payments can be made via bank transfer, Flywire, Stripe, WorldPay, cash and card.

Any details that You provide and confirm in the booking and payment process must be complete and factually correct, and We reserve the right to cancel a booking if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that such details are wilfully incorrect or have been used illegally.

We may cancel your enrolment if you do not pay.  If a tuition fee debt remains overdue, You may not be allowed in the classroom and the College reserves the right to cancel the course. If You, or if Your sponsoring employer or third party funder fail to make payment, the tuition fee debt will be actively progressed through use of an external debt collection agency, where required, and Court Action taken as necessary. When a debt is recorded with the external debt collection agency or their solicitors, Your future credit rating will be affected and additional cost incurred.

Books and Learning Materials

You will not need a book for most courses. Teachers will provide You with the relevant learning materials for Your course (either in soft or hard format). These materials cannot be copied by You- please see copyright section in Student Code of Conduct.

There may be instances in which You will be asked to purchase course books, such as grammar books, to support Your learning. We will advise You of the correct title and ISBN number of the book You will need to purchase.

Materials used and distributed in online courses are also subject to copyright as indeed are the lessons themselves. You may not copy these materials or record these classes under any circumstances.

Health Declaration

At the time of booking, it is strongly recommended that You disclose any mental or physical illness, allergy, disability or condition that may interfere with Your ability to successfully complete Your booked course or that may impact the wellbeing of any other student or staff member or that may require monitoring, treatment or emergency intervention during Your course, or that may require special accommodation. This condition applies irrespective of whether You are booking online or face-to-face courses.

We will never discriminate on the basis of any above-mentioned conditions and will seek to offer all possible support to You. However, we are responsible for all students and staff and so We have to reserve the right to terminate an enrolment if Your continued participation can reasonably be seen as a risk to Your own, other students’ or staff members’ health and safety ( physical or mental). In this unlikely event refunds will be provided based on a pro-rata basis.


Applying for a visa to come to the UK is a serious business and we recommend that you seek official and professional advice on so doing. In the first instance please make sure that you need a visa and that You are applying for the correct visa – the first place You should look is on the UK Govt. website here.

As You will have to apply for the relevant visa, we cannot be held responsible for decisions taken by embassies or immigration police regarding entry visas or visa extensions. Visa advice can only be given by the appropriate Embassy, Consulate or High Commission. We are also not responsible for any changes made to regulations that may affect Your booking with us.

Before booking a course with Us we strongly recommend that You seek professional advice as to the chances that You will be granted a visa. Once You start the application process, We will provide You with relevant documentation to support Your application. If You require original documents then We will advise You of the the courier costs that We will charge to ship those papers.

The process for visa dependent bookings is described here

If Your visa is granted then please confirm this to us as soon as possible, so that we can start the preparations for your course. Failure to advise Us may lead to unnecessary delays.

If Your visa application is rejected please contact us immediately to discuss your next steps.

Other important visa considerations

– You should not make any visa application using fraudulently obtained or altered or faked documentation.

– You must ensure that You have a visa valid for studying the type of course You have booked and that it remains in date. If     Your visa expires or is withdrawn then Your course will be terminated immediately.

– Many visas require a minimum number of course hours/weeks and a minimum level of attendance – make sure that You are following the rules under which the visa was granted to You.

– We may take and retain for the duration of Your course an electronic copy of Your visa and passport. This practice is governed by Our data protection policy.


For your convenience UKCE offers accommodation service. These services are not directly owned or managed by UKCE but are operated by third parties whose provision we re-sell on their behalf. We will at all times apply their terms and conditions where a booking, postponement, termination or cancellation is concerned. Such terms and conditions will vary between providers and we will notify you of those when you make a booking or booking enquiry.

16 and 17 year olds on regular UKCE face-to-face programmes are required to book a homestay for the duration of their stay until they turn 18. Exceptions will only be made where such students stay in accommodation with their parents or legal guardians (25 years of age or more) as appointed and confirmed through the parental consent form provided. Students booked on an adult course and not traveling with a parent or guardian and arriving or departing between 20:00 and 8:00 are required to purchase transfers through UKCE..

16 and 17 year olds cannot, therefore, book residential accommodation.


We work with homestay providers who are registered with the British Council. Our current partners are

Hosts International – https://www.hosts-international.com/

Britannia Student Services – https://britanniastudents.com/


We work with residence agencies to supply accommodation services. We also inspect the residences listed on our price list annually.

London Nest – https://www.londonnest.com/

Britannia Student Services – https://britanniastudents.com/

Other important accommodation considerations:

– Accommodation will be confirmed when full payment is made.

– International students will only have accommodation details and confirmation of the final address when they get their visas and after sending a copy to the relevant department.

– The College reserves the right to change the type of accommodation if we cannot provide what has been requested when the payment is received. You may be asked to pay a difference if Your original accommodation request is not available.

– Minimum stay is 2 weeks for homestays and 4 weeks for house share and residential accommodation.  A one week supplement of £15 will apply to bookings of under 2 weeks if an exception is made.

– When booking accommodation, You must inform UKCE of Your estimated arrival time at least 3 days in advance of Your arrival in UK. This is to ensure that someone is available when You arrive. Failure to do this may result in You having to wait to gain access to Your accommodation. UKCE will not be held responsible for such delays, nor will We pay for any expenses incurred as a result.

– Should You wish to extend Your stay, We must be given at least 1 weeks’ notice. Extensions are subject to availability. If an extension is not possible, We will endeavour to find a similar alternative. All revisions and extensions to Your stay must come through Us directly and not the host.

Airport Transfers

– Transfers are also operated by third parties, and their terms and conditions will apply. Those terms and conditions will be supplied to You along with Your booking confirmation.

– Waiting time will depend on the transfer company and it can vary from 45 minutes up to an hour and a half.

– Please do not leave the airport without contacting the driver first. Their number will be included in Your booking confirmation.

– There are no refunds for Airport Transfers. Please read Your Airport Transfer confirmation documents carefully before departure to the UK.

Levels and Testing

Our course levels are based on the Common European Framework and You will be tested and placed according to the assessment procedures that We have created. If You have been assessed by another institution at a certain CEFR level, this will not necessarily translate into You being placed into the same or higher level when You start Your course with us.

As well as Our initial placement and testing procedure, We will administer further tests throughout Our courses. If You are a short-term student or You do not start on a date that would fit within the regular testing cycle, then You will not automatically be re-tested.

You will be tested and assessed prior to starting Your course and We will, using the data from that process, place You in a class that We know will be most appropriate for Your skills and abilities. If You feel You are mis-placed then You should speak to Your teacher who will discuss Your case with the academic management team. You will also be required to be re-tested prior to any class change being made.


The College recognises in accordance with UK law that an adult is a person aged 18 and above.

Minimum ages at time of course starts:

– Face to face UKCE Programmes – 16 years old

– Online UKCE Programmes – 16 years old

– AirCamp Programmes – 4 years old

– Earth Camp Programmes – 8 years old

While we accept under 18s onto regular UKCE programmes it should be noted that:

– We reserve the right not to accept 16 and 17 year olds on to UKCE programmes

– We reserve the right to terminate bookings for under 18s where they fail to display sufficient maturity to participate

– We reserve the right to see and confirm proof of age

– We will apply special conditions to 16 and 17 year olds on regular UKCE Programmes – this can be seen in the subsequent section

As a point of information only, the average age range of students on regular UKCE programmes is between 23 and 31 years old.

16 & 17 years olds

You must be aware that students of this age will be placed in a class with adults and treated as adults. However, their teacher will have passed police checks to ensure there is no reason why they cannot teach this age group.

Students aged 16 and 17 without a guardian in the UK must stay with a homestay. They must book, full board (packed lunch is provided by the families) and returned airport transfer unless a guardian (25 years and over) is meeting and taking them from and to the airport.

A parental consent form must be signed and returned to us before 16 and 17 year olds can join any course.

In the event of this teacher being ill then and the College not being able to provide a cover teacher who has also undergone the appropriate checks then the student will be moved to a different class with a teacher who has the necessary clearance.

UK College of English provides day trips through carefully chosen third parties & only those day trips will be offered to 16- & 17-year olds. To join these day trips parents must complete a separate form for every social activity under 18s would like to join. If permission is not granted we cannot allow under 18s to join these day trips.

Under 18 students must wear their ID with red lanyard inside the College at all times. They must also sign in and out at reception everyday.

Closed Groups

We also accept closed groups of young learners throughout the year which may comprise students as young as 10.

These groups are closed and kept separate from the main adult programmes.

Extra safeguarding measures are in place to keep younger students safe.

All under-18 groups must be accompanied by adult group leaders at all times.

Group Leaders must sign all relevant agreements before and/or upon arrival. It is their responsibility to provide the College with all the necessary documentation.

All groups are governed by their own Terms and Conditions.