Student Care and Welfare: Safeguarding Under 18s

UKCE places the highest regard on the welfare and best interests of our students aged under 18. This page contains important information for students, parents/guardians, staff members and other stakeholders.

UKCE provides courses and programmes for students aged 8-17 throughout the year. They may join a range of our courses:

Summer Centres – in July-August, our Residential and Homestay programmes for young learners aged 8-17

Low Season Groups – from September to June, in our central London school we offer programmes for students aged 12-17 (Groups only)

16 and 17-year old students – throughout the year on our adult courses at our central London school for individuals only. Students can stay in host families, with the accommodation being organised by our partner agencies.

UKCE Safeguarding Statement

The UK College of English provides English Language training in two centres: Oxford Street and Salisbury. Our safeguarding policy matches the needs of these two centres while always acting in the best interests of the vulnerable person, whatever their individual circumstances.

The full policy can be found here

In operating in multiple locations, we recognise that different policies and procedures will apply. Below we lay these out but if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us on  +44 20 7734 6485 or

For Young Learners at our Summer Centre/s

UKCE provides for the highest level of supervision possible within practical constraints. Below are highlights some key points and full policies and procedures can be found in the table at the bottom of this page

Travelling between homestay and the Centre is unsupervised (this also includes travel for weekend full-day activities) but students are typically accommodated in pairs in the same homestay and travel together. The homestay will show the route to and from school before the first lesson.

Attendance is checked at the beginning of each lesson block; and on activities and excursions

Young Learners are not allowed to leave the Centre during break periods.

There will also be free time periods which are structured into the day and on excursions. Young Learners are required to remain in groups of no less than three during such structured free time.

Young learners staying in Homestay will be transported home by UKCE after evening activities.

Exact levels of supervision depend on the needs of the Young Learners during activities and trips: this will be determined by carrying out risk assessments prior to any such events or activities.

Young Learners, both Residential and Homestay are required to wear an official UKCE wristband at all times when they are on our programmes.

There is a curfew policy in place that states

For the good health, well-being and safety of all children we operate an age appropriate curfew policy both for homestay and residential accommodation. The standard curfews are tabled below

Under-14 years age – not allowed out unless accompanied by hosts or staff

14- and 15-year olds – 21:30

16- and 17-year – olds – 22:00

For Young Learners at our Year-Round School and studying on an adult course

16 & 17-year-old students can study at the year-round school, but we need written permission from a parent/guardian for this. UKCE must also agree to accept these individuals on a case-by-case basis.

UKCE cannot provide 24-hour supervision for these students.

These students must stay with our registered accommodation partners (such as Hosts International) unless they are staying with a family member or authorized adult aged 25 plus.

Travel between homestay and School unsupervised; the homestay will show the route to and from school before the first lesson.

Attendance is checked at the beginning of the first lesson and after morning breaks (and at the beginning of the first afternoon lesson and after breaks on full-time courses)

There is unsupervised time outside lesson times including during the breaks and at lunch time

Participation in the activity programme is permitted upon receipt of appropriate documentation, with the exception of any activity that involves a visit to a venue that sells alcohol. Travel to and from the social programme meeting points unsupervised

These students will receive the same level of supervision as adults during adult activities and trips; receive the same level of supervision as under-18s during under-18 activities and trips

They will have unsupervised time during shopping time if part of an adult trip; will receive the same level of supervision as under-18s if part of an under-18 trip.

Unsupervised free time after lessons and before needing to return to the homestay for dinner.

They are required to wear a special id card and lanyard which makes them easily identifiable to staff

Have to be back home by 22.00.

For Young Learners on our Closed Group courses

UKCE does not provide 24-hour supervision

UKCE requires that the group organiser satisfies our standards for the provision of

– Accommodation (if not organised through UKCE)

– Unsupervised time

– Emergency procedures

Attendance is checked at the beginning of the first lesson; students must then remain on the premises until lessons have been completed.

Young Learners Are allowed to leave the School premises during break times but only in groups (minimum 3 people).

Young Learners can leave the School unsupervised at lunchtime in groups of three or more and are advised of closest coffee shop and supermarket.

Time outside of lessons is under the management of the accompanying group leaders and not UKCE.

At induction Young Learners are to be encouraged to remain in groups of three or more and to stay in areas in the city centre which are well-lit.

They are required to wear a special id card and lanyard which makes them easily identifiable to staff.

Young learners must obey the curfews stipulated by the hosting agency and /or their group leaders.

Emergency Phone

An emergency phone service is provided for the use of all students, parents and agents. For students this number can be found on either their wristband or ID Card.

For parents and agents, the numbers are provided below

Year-Round School – +44 (0) 7956190553

Summer Centre – +44 (0) 7342 372 106

Parental Agreements

Prior to arrival any Young Learners should have in place a Parental/Guardian Consent – this can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Consent must be returned to UKCE to confirm that Young Learner and their Parents/Guardian understand the School’s procedures and the rules for the welfare of under-18s, the level of supervision that we provide, and to provide necessary medical information.

Breaches of the Rules or actions impacting on their own welfare or the welfare of others will put a Young Leaner in to the disciplinary procedure and ultimately may results in the Young Leaner being expelled. In such circumstances, there can be no refund of fees and Parents or Guardians will be liable for any costs associated with that expulsion.

When a student under 18 travels to the UK, he/she should have a Parental Consent to Travel U18s to the UK with him/her as the airport immigration officer may ask to see this and want confirmation of who is meeting the student at the airport.

Airport Transfers

UKCE requires that students under 18 have airport taxi transfers arranged by the UKCE on arrival and departure for which a fee will be charged


UKCE does not allow students aged under 18 to stay unsupervised in a hotel, guest house or student residence

Welfare and Safeguarding

We take our responsibilities for Young Learners very seriously and we have rigorous policies and procedures in place to make sure that they have the best possible experience in a safe and secure learning environment. We have a Designated Safeguarding Lead and all our staff are trained to work with under-18s.

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Year-Round School – Stephanie Day – Tel +44 (0) 207734 6485

Summer Centre – Oscar Czerniawski  – Tel +44 (0) 207734 6485


Here is the condensed version of our safeguarding policy: Condensed safeguarding policy

If you wish to read the full policy, please click here

Special Notice for Parents/Guardians with children attending Summer Programmes

Young Learners attending Our Summer Centre/s are directly supervised by our staff during lessons and organised activities and excursions. Young Learners have to participate fully in those extracurricular activities.