Student Perks

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Welcome to the Student Perks page!  

Here is a list with all  Student Perks, or benefits, UKCE students have.  What are you waiting for? discounts, free resources… and much more.

Start now and take advantage of these amazing benefits!

1- Start meeting new friends and discover new places with our Social Activities!

2- Gymglish.

3- Take advantage of our Free Educational Resources.

4- Book an appointment with our Academic Counsellor for FREE! She can help with your CV writing, university enquiries, testing your English and much more.

5- Get 30% Discount on your oyster travelcard. (Only valid for +14 weeks full time bookings)

6- Get a student discount in certain shops and restaurants, such as:

Buns and Buns – 10% off for our students

Diwan Lebanese Cuisine – %10 off for our students

In Parma – %10 off for our students

7- Bring a friend a get a special discount for both of you.

8- Get a Student Discount Card

International Youth Travel Card (IYTC)

You can get an International Student Card if you are enrolled on a course at UK College of English and either 30 years old or under.
All you need is a Proof of identity, a passport style head photo and £15.

The IYTC opens the door to thousands of services, benefits and discounts whilst in the UK and around the globe.
Check here for more details (*Enlace a la pagina que vas a crear para esta tarjeta)
To purchase the IYTC card, please contact us directly at the school or speak to a member of staff.

International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

You can get an International Student Card if you are a full time student (+15 hours per week) of 3 months or more.
You will need a letter from the school, proof of identity, 1 photo and £12.
The ISIC gives you thousands of travel, online and lifestyle discounts at home and worldwide.
To get this card please visit: