Scholarships for Studying in London

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In 2021 UKCE wants to refocus its work on particular groups in our global community who need that extra level of help. We are pleased to present the UKCE 2021 Scholarship Scheme. 

RefuAid  UKCE and RefuAid work together to  operate ‘Language: A Gateway’  a project increases access to English language tuition for people who have claimed asylum in the UK and those in the process of doing so. More details of this project can be obtained by contacting RefuAid at  

We can do it! – UKCE recognises that the changing world of work and the impact of Covid have hit hard the employment chances of young people and women. UKCE has established a scholarship fund therefore to offer tuition scholarships to women aged between 22 and 30 who have not had paid employment for three months or longer. More details of the UKCE ‘We can do it!’ scheme are available here.