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UKCE has a great record of delivering one-to-one programmes at great value-for-money prices. In the last 12 months we have taught more than 1,000 hours of great individualised tuition.  

Why choose GoLoCo?

These private lessons give students a flexible learning experience that they can enjoy with their friends and family or just simply on their own.

Individualised classes with just you and the trainer, or you, your friends and the teacher, are a great way to create the programme that is perfect for you. Not only can you look at language areas that suit you best, you can also shape a timetable that suits you down to the ground! 

Our students in the past have taken private classes to help them with such things as exam preparation; preparing for conferences; pronunciation and intonation; improving writing skills for IELTS and job interview practice. 

The course can be either a one to one, two to one, three to one or  four to one,  and you can choose the time best for you. Enjoy lessons with an experienced teacher with up to four of you in an online or face-to-face class. Remember, the more people you have with you in your class, the cheaper it will be.

Having the flexibility to do these lessons online  also means you don’t all have to be from the same household.

Contact us for a free consultation and one of our trainers will happily talk you through a possible plan of study 

Entry Level

From Beginner


Minimum Age 

18 for face-to-face

8 for online







CourseStart DayTimeDurationDaysFace-to-Face/Online/Off-site
One to OneAny MondayBetween 9:00 to 20:301 hour +Monday to Friday£45
Two to OneAny MondayBetween 9:00 to 20:301 hour +Monday to Friday£50
Three to OneAny MondayBetween 9:00 to 20:301 hour +Monday to Friday£55
Four to OneAny MondayBetween 9:00 to 20:301 hour +Monday to Friday£60


Registration fee: £60 (new students only)

*Please note there will be no classes on days where the course includes a bank holiday.