Displaying your English skills is on your CV

After spending a whole lot of time and energy improving your English skills and language ability, it’s a shame if you don’t properly know how to show them off, isn’t it? You could be missing out on a whole lot of opportunities! One such place you should be displaying your English skills is on your CV.

CV English Language Skills

At UKCE, we help teach students how to include language skills in resume. After all, there’s no point teaching all you lovely lot how to speak English without telling you how to use it to your advantage! With this in mind, we’ve put together some advice on putting your English skills in CV.

Have a Language Certification

Something that’s really going to help your CV stand out is having a certification to prove your fluency. At UKCE, we can help you to practice and pass yours so that you can make your resume more appealing to employers. In a world where tons of people are fluent in English, it’s these kinds of details that’ll set you apart.

When it comes to your CV, English language skills are important, so make sure you detail the qualification you have, including the test name, your score and an indicator of your level. So, for example:

  • English – [Test name] – Intermediate – [Score}

If you don’t have a language certification, you can still have an English as second language resume detail but be warned that it may not have as much standing.


If you have any experience with English skills and language ability, be sure to pop these in your CV. These could include having lived in London for a period of time whilst studying at UKCE, having worked with an English-speaking employer/establishment or having lived with an English family. Whatever your experience, if it’s relevant then put it on your CV.

When Not to Include It

Don’t include on your CV English language skills if you are only a beginner and don’t really have a good grasp of the language. Employers just won’t be bothered about this and it makes you look less serious. You also shouldn’t include it if you’re going for a very senior, international role. This is because fluency in English is presumed, so you’ll look naïve.

If you’d like to be able to include English skills in CV applications, you can learn quickly and fluently here at UKCE. We’re an established college that you can add to your resume for credibility, and you’ll also get the chance to study in London which employers absolutely love! Find out more about why you should study English with us and how you can learn the language in its native city.