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The Benefits of Learning English

In this blog entry, Advanced class students share their thoughts on how mastering English extends beyond mere communication, opening doors to global opportunities and enriching various aspects of our lives. From career prospects to cross-cultural connections, discover how learning English at UK College of English can shape your future.


Travelling not only gives you the opportunity to make memories and experiences. It is not only about cultural understanding or appreciation of diversity. It has also many benefits for personal growth and development. For that reason, learning English, which is one of the most relevant and used languages, is valuable to increase your knowledge about the world.

Knowing another language opens doors to knowledge and learning about different people, places and cultures. You can make a huge network around the planet just with English.

If you master it, you will enjoy the experience of travelling more. It will facilitate cultural exchanges and communication.

Learning a second language is good for a brain development

Learning languages makes your life easier in many ways. Many studies have shown that learning other languages helps people’s brain to function better.

The learning process requires attention and flexibility. For that, it strengthens the cognitive muscles of the brain. These studies confirm that children, who learn two languages, performs better when it comes to paying attention and concentrating. Moreover, learning languages boosts other skills such as: better academic performance, a more powerful memory, stronger communication skills, more creativity and greater verbal intelligence in their additional language.

Studies show 77% of bilingual children have better analytical skills, 12.5% of people, who speak a second language, are greater at solving maths, and 40% of bilinguals have superior cognitive functions. Furthermore, in adults, it can help to prevent cognitive ageing and mental illness.

Jael Elizabeth Freire


Work prospects

The most important thing is that knowing English is the key to finding a better job and being able to enter the business world all around the globe. That is the reason why English is the business language in all countries. It doesn’t matter where the business came from, if you know English, you can do it.

Studies say that mastering English increases the chance of getting a good job by 40%, as well as the chance of succeeding during a job interview. At least 80% of managerial positions require the knowledge of a second language as an indispensable requirement. That is why learning English is so important nowadays if you want to find a better job.


Socialising is about meeting new people from different places and making new friends. You can meet different people from different countries and make new friends talking in English. It gives you the possibility to communicate with people around the world.

This language is spoken universally and that makes English so important if you like to socialise with different people from other parts of the world.

In my personal experience, I have been studying English since I was 6 years old. This knowledge gave me the possibility to communicate with others and make new incredible friends since I was a kid. I remember one day, I was playing alone and a guy from the United States invited me to play a videogame together, we had one of our best moments playing and talking about different things together. We also spent the next 3 months playing together. Max and I became good friends and that would have been impossible if I hadn’t studied English. I hope we can meet each other personally in the future.

Mateo D’Aloe


To be informed of global events

English is good to understand the news in the whole world, for example, English is the main language in politics and sports events. Knowing the same language makes it easier to communicate with others and keep the peace. It keeps people together. Most news articles are written in English and they inform everyone about the world’s current affairs. Films, sports events like football or the Olympic games are translated into English.

To move to the UK or another English-speaking country

When you speak English you can live in many countries, for example, Australia or Africa, as well as other countries not from the Commonwealth. You will be better informed about the manners and behaviours in these countries, and socially, it will be easier if you learn English, for example: talking with neighbours, communicating with a doctor and with everyone else. You will make friends. You can easily get a job, rent a house, open a bank account, buy a telephone, a TV or whatever. Perhaps if you can vote in some countries you would become a resident. If you learn English, you can feel more at home and that you are a part of them.

Maike Diekmann

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