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September newsletter

A word from Head of Business Development

Dear Student,

October has arrived and with that comes Autumn. Soon the supermarket shelves will be filled with sweets, everything will be pumpkin and cinnamon flavoured, and the pavements covered with leaves. If you’re an October fan, it is now time to celebrate the crisper temperatures with a nice hike and a warm fire.

There are so many fun things about October and so much to think about, but first let’s check what happened in September on our campus. As always, our students attended many social activities such as going to the Sky Garden, the National History Museum, the Tower of London, playing golf in Canary Wharf, and having a picnic in Regent’s Park, while contemplating the art. We also welcomed a group of Spanish students who really enjoyed their time in London.

In this month’s newsletter, you will see that our “Back to School” offer has come to an end, thus; we have something new for all of you to make it more accessible to study with us. Check out our newsletter and see! We have written many blogs which we believe you’ll all love. Scroll down to find out 👇Let’s ignite October and make it better than September. So, why don’t you ‘trick or treat yourself’ and have a scarily good time! 👻 Thanks Beren

Find out your level - Find out your offer

It's that exciting time of year again when we're gearing up to head back to school. As October is here, we are thrilled to unveil a range of fantastic offers just for you!

Whether you're an Elementary, Intermediate, or Advanced student, fret not, because this autumn, we've tailored our offers to suit everyone's needs.

What happened in UKCE in September?

Upcoming Events

rent park

Would you like to meet new people? Would you like to keep learning English outside the school?

The UKCE experience goes far beyond the classroom. Our extracurricular activities are a great way to meet other students and continue developing your language skills. Everyone’s invited to come and join us.

​For more information contact

Interesting Facts About UK

This month the Intermediate class have written about some interesting facts they have learned about the UK. Read on to learn about some things you may not have heard before.

London’s Best Markets


There are loads of markets in London, as every area has its own, and there’s a huge variety too. Local street markets often sell household goods and clothes as well as food made in the nearby area. You’ll find farmer’s markets appearing in some areas too, where you can buy produce from the counties around the city.

Speak vs Talk


These two words are often confused by learners of English, and I can see why: the meanings are similar. Sometimes, natives use speak and talk interchangeably (in a way that can be exchanged) and sometimes the meaning is different.

The 10 best day trips from London

London is an amazing city, with loads of things to do and see, but there are some great places visit either by car or by train. Here’s a few ideas (in no particular order) for your next day trip.

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