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February newsletter

Dear Student,  

March, the month of expectation, is yet again here. But really, what is there not to love? Everywhere will be colourful and full of flowers as soon as Spring awakens. And here is an interesting fact for you: in Saxon English, March was called  “Leneth-monath” – length-month – for the lengthening days, the same word from which “Lent” is derived. What’s more, the sun will no longer set before 6.00 PM until October. Yay! 


We hope you all are having a great start to the month! But first let’s check what we have in the latest edition of our monthly newsletter as we're really excited to share our most recent updates, blogs and news from the UK College of English. 


To find out more, you know what to do ⬇️ 


XX Beren .

Student Solidarity Scholarship

Do you think it is getting more and more difficult and expensive to study English with the high cost of living expenses in London?

We now are working on a new scholarship which we think it will help our students or future students. We will launch this scholarship campaign later this month, so stay tuned for more updates! 

Evening English Classes are starting on 11.03.2024 

Improve your English in the evening with our flexible and affordable courses.

  • Choose from a variety of levels, from beginner to advanced.

  • Learn from experienced and qualified teachers.

  • Study in a small, friendly and supportive environment.

Are you planning to take the IELTS test?

Our free IELTS preparation guide can help you achieve your desired score. The guide includes:

  • About the IELTS Exam

  • IELTS Academic vs General Training, what is the difference

  • Online vs paper-based exam: Which is better for you?

  • IELTS Scoring

  • Test format explained: Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills

Download your free guide today and start preparing for your IELTS test!

Extracurricular activities

March is going to be fantastic! We have exciting things planned.

Join us for these fun events, boost your skills, and have a great time together!

Have fun and learn English

You don’t have to be in the classroom to be learning and practising your English. Social activities are a great way to hear and speak everyday English. It’s also low pressure as your classmates or colleagues from other classes will be there, as well as a teacher who can help. UCKE offers a wide variety of social programmes (see the list below) and in each setting, you’ll hear, read, and speak different functions of English. I’ll describe this a little now so you can start revising! You could even ask your teacher for a special lesson if lots of people in your class are going to the same place.

The Benefits of Learning English

The Advanced class students share their thoughts on how mastering English extends beyond mere communication, opening doors to global opportunities and enriching various aspects of our lives. From career prospects to cross-cultural connections, discover how learning English at UK College of English can shape your future.

The Benefits of a 4- Day working week 

The 5 day working week might be coming to an end (in some companies, at least) after a nationwide trial ended in February. In total, 60 businesses took part in the trial and the results were very positive.

Interesting Facts about England 

If you want to learn facts about England, look no further! This guide features fascinating facts centring on the country’s history, culture, cuisine and geography for you to learn about.

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