Stephanie Day

Stephanie is a trained historian who took to English language training as a career change. She has been training for the last two years and is also a student of Italian which she is currently studying. Being a learner and a trainer at the same time brings important insights to her work as a trainer.

Ren Caution

Ren is trainer with a rich and varied experience – spanning more than 28 years. He has worked not only in the UK but also in Spain, France and Japan. He holds both a Diploma and a Masters in EFL. His experience and qualifications mean that he is highly equipped to deal with learners from all backgrounds and with a wide variety of learning styles.

Tom Morrs

Tom has a background in the performing arts and is an accomplished singer. He added English language training to his skills set recently. He specialises in delivering quality pronunciation training

Keyla Porras

Keyla is the lead trainer at UKCE and is currently undertaking her PSA Diploma in EFL. Her training background has also covered the teaching of English and Spanish and she added English to her portfolio three years ago.