Stephanie Day

Stephanie is a trained historian and an English language teacher with three years of experience. She is also an Italian Student which she is currently studying. Being a learner and a trainer at the same time brings important insights to her work as a teacher.

Ren Caution

Ren is trainer with a rich and varied experience – spanning more than 28 years. He has worked not only in the UK but also in Spain, France and Japan. He holds both a Diploma and a Masters in EFL. His experience and qualifications mean that he is highly equipped to deal with learners from all backgrounds and with a wide variety of learning styles.

Patrick Allen

Patrick has more than 10 years teaching experience. He ran his own teaching academy teaching in Spain. He enjoys teaching as it is a great way to meet people of differing cultures and to get a valuable insight into their way of life.

Paul Mills

Paul worked in newspapers before giving it up to become an English teacher, which he finds much more enjoyable and rewarding. He has taught English for about five years in Spain, Lebanon and the UK, and also spent three years working as an IELTS examiner in China.

Danièlle Varnham

Danièlle has more than fifteen years of teaching experience. She has taught in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Danielle is particularly interested in using technology to make her lessons fun and engaging. She loves making her own teaching materials to develop her students’ linguistic skills. She’s also an artist and a life coach and brings this creativity and positivity into the classroom.

Tom Morrs

Tom has been teaching general English and IELTS exam classes to students from all over the world for two years. He is particularly interested in teaching pronunciation and connected speech, and helping students understand and produce natural English. He also has a background in the performing arts and is an accomplished singer.

Keyla Porras

Keyla is a Senior Teacher with almost five years of teaching experience. She is currently working towards her DELTA advanced teaching qualification. Keyla also has a PGCE and has taught French and Spanish in secondary schools for four years. Keyla loves teaching speaking skills and helping students become independent language learners.

Jake Marmot

Having studied English Literature at university, Jake brings a passion for language and communication into the classroom. He has nearly three years of teaching experience in the UK and Costa Rica. His enthusiasm is infectious: even the most tedious grammatical features can be made thrilling.

Toby Yates

Toby has taught English as a Second Language in the UK, Poland, Spain and Costa Rica over the last 10 years. He has taught a variety of levels and courses including all the main suite Cambridge Examinations, Business English, English for Specific Purposes and one-to-one lessons. Before he started teaching, Toby worked as a volunteer in Uganda and Thailand.