Stephanie Day

Stephanie is a trained historian and an English language teacher with three years of experience. She is also an Italian Student which she is currently studying. Being a learner and a trainer at the same time brings important insights to her work as a teacher.

Ren Caution

Ren is trainer with a rich and varied experience – spanning more than 28 years. He has worked not only in the UK but also in Spain, France and Japan. He holds both a Diploma and a Masters in EFL. His experience and qualifications mean that he is highly equipped to deal with learners from all backgrounds and with a wide variety of learning styles.

Lorena Calderon

Lorena has taught English for ten years in South America, England and also online. Her experience as a home-stay host helps her really understand the needs of students. Lorena is a trained graphic designer and also had her own fashion brand. She loves bringing creativity and deep discussions into the classroom.

Shaylyn Gibson

Shaylyn is an AirCamp teacher, but you may also notice her from our Idiom of the Week videos on social media. She’s been teaching English for many years and has experience at all levels and ages. She’s originally from Canada but has taught in England and Italy. She’s also a great actress and graduated with a degree in Music and Opera.

Ivo Petrov

Ivo is passionate about languages. He is fluent in English, German and Italian, and has been teaching English as a second language for three years. Ivaylo believes that teachers learn from their students within the learning process. More than anything else, he loves to create a warm and healthy atmosphere in the classroom. Ivaylo has a degree in screenwriting and cinema direction.

Chloe Burcher

Chloe became a teacher in 2017 and since then has had lots of experience teaching children at all levels, including exam preparation in both year-round and summer camp classes. She loves AirCamp and the fact that we can teach children from all over the world, not only those who can come to the UK. She also has extensive knowledge of literature and creative writing.

Tom Morrs

Tom has been teaching general English and IELTS exam classes to students from all over the world for two years. He is particularly interested in teaching pronunciation and connected speech, and helping students understand and produce natural English. He also has a background in the performing arts and is an accomplished singer.

Keyla Porras

Keyla is a Senior Teacher with almost five years of teaching experience. She is currently working towards her DELTA advanced teaching qualification. Keyla also has a PGCE and has taught French and Spanish in secondary schools for four years. Keyla loves teaching speaking skills and helping students become independent language learners.

Daniel Ireland

Daniel is an AirCamp teacher as well as our resident English Pilot on social media. He loves travelling and sharing modern British culture with his students. He’s taught all over Spain and speaks Spanish better than he gives himself credit for. He also plays the ukulele and writes his own songs.

Patrick Allen

Patrick has more than 10 years teaching experience. He ran his own teaching academy teaching in Spain. He enjoys teaching as it is a great way to meet people of differing cultures and to get a valuable insight into their way of life.

Ellie Puglisi

Ellie is one of our AirCamp teachers and has been teaching English for many years. She has a lot of experience teaching young learners at all levels and loves teaching children English in our AirCamp classes and taking them on tours around London.

Kasia Krymska-Hurtado

Kasia has been a teacher for over 20 years and achieved her CELTA certificate to teach English back in 2013. She loves reading and learning new languages and is currently learning Italian and Spanish. She loves seeing her students progress and is continually developing her skills as a teacher to better improve her lessons for her students.