On-line Activities

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What to do at home:

At UKCE we don’t let anything stop us from having some fun.

Here is a list wit activities that we can all do from the comfort of our homes.

For more ideas, please follow us on social media, and don’t forget to check out our English Doctor sessions on Facebook and Instagram. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 2.00 Pm

Museum Tours:

Great virtual museum (maybe kids activities too) https://britishmuseum.withgoogle.com/ 

Online louvre museum (360 degree tour) https://www.louvre.fr/en/visites-en-ligne 

Lots of links here that google have put together for art museums and things https://artsandculture.google.com/ 

Again 360 degree tour http://www.museivaticani.va/content/museivaticani/en/collezioni/musei/tour-virtuali-elenco.html 

Or just the Sistine chapel http://www.museivaticani.va/content/museivaticani/en/collezioni/musei/cappella-sistina/tour-virtuale.html


Free cooking lessons from Delia anyone? https://www.deliaonline.com/cookery-school 

Listen to some books (30 day free tiral) https://www.audible.co.uk/ 

Some origami fun (for adults or kids) https://www.origami-fun.com/ 

Wind in the willows musical if you’re a fan https://www.willowsmusical.com/ 

Sports & work outs: 

YOGA https://yogawithadriene.com/free-yoga-videos/ 

Download the app to get access to free workouts: https://www.nike.com/gb/ntc-app 

At home workouts for free https://watch.lesmillsondemand.com/at-home-workouts/season:1 

Theatre and entertainment: 

National Theatre productions streamed live: http://ntlive.nationaltheatre.org.uk/ 

Virtual walking tour of London: https://seeyour.city/ 

Free Ballet Performances – The Royal Opera House and BBC iplayer:  https://www.roh.org.uk/news/the-royal-opera-house-launches-a-programme-of-free-online-content-for-the-culturally-curious-at-home 

Free Shakespeare plays: https://www.shakespearesglobe.com/watch/ 

Children and adults:

Keep your children entertained with Sharky and George virtual parties and lessons: https://www.sharkyandgeorge.com/ 

Visit Disneyland from anywhere on Earth: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYyJUEtYv-ZW7BgjhP3UbTg 

Disney Plus offers a free 7-day trial – see their great selection on Marvel, Pixar and Disney  movies