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The living classroom experience

What’s the difference between watching a video and having a teacher?

It’s similar to the difference between a lecture and a classroom, between information and knowledge. It’s the contrast between spectating and learning.

At UKCE, we want to make sure that your specific questions are answered and that you are satisfied that you fully understand. That’s why our online classes are not broadcasts to the world, but living, interactive experiences. And we keep our class sizes small to make sure you receive the individual attention you need to progress.

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OET (Occupational English Test)

OET is an English language proficiency test developed specifically for healthcare professionals. It is accepted by the GMC, the NMC and UKVI, meaning that passing the OET at grade B is the only English requirement to live in the UK, working in your medical profession.

The exam tests your ability to communicate effectively in an English-speaking healthcare workplace through the four language skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

Currently test dates for the rest of 2020 are open and group bookings have a discount. Ask us more!

OET Test Forensics

As an OET Preparation Provider, we have specialist teachers to lead you through this medical English test. We are proud to offer an innovative one-week course that combines small group work (maximum 10 students), self-study and live one-to-one feedback to progress through an authentic test in forensic detail.

Before booking, we will give you a FREE readiness test to make sure that the course is appropriate for you.

Each day, you will receive input for one section of the exam in a lively, interactive class, after which you complete a practice for that section. The following day, you receive feedback as we examine the answers, and we restart the process with the next skill.

On Friday, you will receive a one-to-one speaking test and personal coaching. By then, you will have completed:

10 hours of interactive, small-group classes

165 minutes of self-access examination

30 minutes of one-to-one coaching

You can repeat OET Test Forensics up to three times, with different materials each time.

Entry Level

From B2+


Maximum Class Size


CourseStart DayTimeHours DaysFees DurationEnrol
On-line OETAny MondayTBC13Monday to Friday£1251 week