No excuses: It’s time to learn a language

No excuses: It’s time to learn a language

No excuses: It’s time to learn a language.

No excuses: It’s time to learn a language. Learning a language is a beautiful thing and there are so many languages you can choose from! However, English is a great one, because it can give you the ability to communicate with people across the world, as so many people speak it. Learning a language is a clever thing to do plus it’s never been easier. Unfortunately, people always have the same excuses but here are some reasons why these excuses just aren’t good enough anymore. 

No excuses: It’s time to learn a language

“It’s expensive”

This is not a good excuse because UKCE is still operating and slashing prices during these uncertain times; that means big discounts for you! We do General English and IELTS preparation classes online and it’s very normal to have classmates who are in different parts of the world in your lessons. We also have our Goloco course, which allows you and your friends or family to have lessons together, or we have Aircamps as well for those students that aren’t able to get to summer camps yet.

This is a chance for you to get some quality human interaction! Not only will you be with people who are in the exact same situation but you will also have a qualified and experienced teacher who is able to motivate you, help you and give you something to focus on. These good experiences used to be things that money couldn’t buy…but now they can.

“I have no money”

Not an excuse anymore! Sorry! Because at UKCE we provide short weekly English lessons on our Instagram and Facebook pages, 100% free! We also have weekly challenges on our social media, which are great for you to participate in! Plus our stories on Instagram and Facebook are interactive and we have content on TikTok as well. If all of that isn’t enough, our team at UKCE have curated a playlist for you on Spotify to listen to while you’re working around the house. You can’t use it an excuse because it’s not going to cost you a penny.

“I don’t have time”

With the current situation a lot of people are able do something they haven’t done for a long time, or brush up on their skills in an area they are interested in. Some people are taking advantage of having more time at home to learn something completely and totally new; 30 day challenges have taken over social media and it seems like everyone has a home workout routine. I don’t know about you but if I see one more banana bread on Instagram I might scream. Instead of taking pictures of books and playing video games why not do something wise and start learning a language? You’ll be able to share your baking skills in 2 languages! How great!

“It’s too late for me, I’m too old”

This one really is a bad excuse. Maybe it’s not you saying this maybe it’s a parent or an uncle or a friend but the most important thing to remember is that you’re never too old to learn something new. It’s never too late to learn a language. Studies over the years have proved countless times that adults are far better learners than children.

Yes. In general children are easily distracted because they either do not see the point of learning, or they just are physically and mentally unable to concentrate for long periods of time. That’s not to say all children are bad at learning but the general trend is that adults are better. Maybe because as an adult we have the gift of experience and hindsight? Broadly speaking adults are more motivated to learn because we’re paying for it, either with time or money, and we are more interested in getting the best outcome. Sometimes it’s because it affects our jobs or even because it’s something we want to do efficiently. What child has ever had that type of motivation? None.  Ever

Now that we’ve proved all of those common excuses just aren’t true, hopefully today can be the day you finally do what you’ve always wanted to do: learn English. Enrol with us today and find out just how useful it can be.