Learning English in London

There’s no doubt about it; learning the English language in London can open up a wide array of exciting opportunities from landing a place at a top university to securing a well-paid job that requires someone with impressive linguistic skills.  With approximately 400 million native speakers, you’ll also be able to communicate and interact with interesting people from across the globe, especially as English is the main language in many countries including Britain, America, Barbados and South Africa).But why is London a great place to study?

You can immerse yourself with the British culture

When it comes to improving your English language skills, one of the best things you can do is immerse yourself in the British culture as it will help you to get to grips with everything from slang and commonly used colloquialisms to idioms – words/phrases whose meaning can’t be derived from a literal translation. Reading text books and practising your skills in a classroom is one thing, but getting out and about and hearing real British people speaking can be a very different experience especially when they start saying things like, “it’s raining cats and dogs,” (which simply means it is raining very heavily) or, “best thing since sliced bread,” (an expression which acknowledges excitement over a new plan, invention or idea).

Everyday English may, in fact, be rather different to what your tutors ask you to learn, but when you study English in London you will be able to obtain a fundamental knowledge of all the basics including vocabulary and grammar rules, as well as practising your communications skills in a more rustic, casual way. What’s more, simply knowing that there’s something called Cockney rhyming slang and talking with people of varying accents will help to improve your English language abilities and help push your skills to the max.

London is a vibrant city that will encourage you to practise

With so much to do in London, from tourist attractions like the Tower of London and the London Dungeon to fascinating museums and beautiful parks, this wonderful city will encourage you to get out and about and practise your English language skills. Whether it’s buying a train ticket or ordering a three-course meal, you’ll have the opportunity to speak constantly using a wide array of vocabulary covering a number of previously learnt subjects, be it travel, food and drinks, transport, etc.

London is also home to numerous cinemas with films that’ll aid your listening skills as well as the West End which is alive with must-see theatre shows. Again, this is all part of absorbing British culture and, as you do so, you’ll find yourself becoming more and more confident with the language being spoken around you. Similarly, there are a huge number of clubs, pubs and bars so if you’re keen to socialise and chat with like-minded people, you won’t be short of places to hangout in London.


There are excellent travel links throughout UK and Europe

Not only is London easy to reach but it also has excellent travel links throughout the rest of the UK. This means if you want to travel to Manchester or Newcastle to be a tourist (as well as soak up the local dialects), you can do so easily. What’s more, with an impressive underground system and numerous train and bus routes, you can rest assured that travel won’t be a problem to and from the city. Taxis are frequent and if you want quick and easy access to Europe, the Eurostar departs from St Pancras regularly. Planes also fly to many popular European destinations daily from London’s main airports. If you come from abroad to study with UKCE, we can arrange for transfers from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead or Luton.

London offers the opportunity for further study

As well as excellent London English language courses offered by some of the best tutors and institutes in the world, London offers the opportunity for further study. Once you’ve reached the standard of English needed to enter UK colleges and university and passed the relevant exams you can then take your study to the next level (considering you have the correct visas and right to work status). London universities are among the best of the best. If you come to learn English in London but want to attend school elsewhere, say Oxford or Cambridge, London is still a great starting point.

What’s more, while English is the subject of this article, London offers the opportunity to take courses in many other foreign languages. Being a multicultural city welcoming people from across the world, there’s a constant demand for language courses and therefore you might decide to take on more than one new language at the same time – or stagger your learning. This is a good idea for anyone wanting to work for an international company or with the desire to become a translator, interpreter or someone with a career across multiple countries and continents.

Like the Sound of Studying English in London?

The UKCE offers an impressive range of courses to suit your individual requirements. From IELTS courses to First Cambridge English (FCE) courses, there are many different options to consider. So give us a call and see how we can find a course to suit your needs.