ILETS Reading Tips

The IELTS can be incredibly difficult for someone who’s not prepared. It’s not really surprising – going into an exam without having properly studied is always going to be tough, particularly if you’re not fluent in the language! Here at UKCE we spend a lot of our time helping people get ready for their IELTS, so we can help you out.

IELTS Reading Strategies

The reading section of the IELTS needs to have specific preparation done in order to pass. If you don’t do this, your chances are going to be pretty slim unfortunately! We’ve put together a few of our best IELTS reading tips that you can follow.

  • Learn How to Skim

Being able to skim-read is a great talent for the IELTS reading paper. This means that you can quickly understand the idea of what you’re reading from looking at the title, headings and glancing through the text. To do this, you need to understand how questions and essays are set out (where the introduction is, where the conclusion is and what paragraphs mean) and have a good grasp of the English language.

  • Identify the Main Points

Being able to understand what a question is asking you is one of the most vital IELTS preparation tips. Learn how to identify and understand question structures and pull out key-information you need to answer them.

  • Identifying Unknown Words

Understanding the formula of English words is important for your IELTS reading test. For example, by knowing things such as tenses and word structure, you can try to understand words and phrases you haven’t encountered before.

  • Scan the Text

To effectively scan text, you need to understand how to identify different structures of the English language, for example dates, ages and names. Being able to pin-point this kind of information quickly is one of the best IELTS reading strategies.

  • Timing

One of our top IELTS reading tips (and for the IELTS in general) is to keep an eye on timing. Don’t get bogged down in one question; if you’re struggling, move on and use what time you have at the end to come back.

  • Watch out for Word Limits

If a question in the IELTS reading asks you to stick to a word limit, make sure you follow this. The rules are written down for a reason!

  • Always Proofread

When it comes to IELTS reading strategies, always be sure to proofread what you’ve written. Check your spelling and grammar and make sure you’ve answered the question properly.

  • Give Every Question a Go

Even if you’re not sure of the answer, you should always attempt every question. Trying is better than not writing anything at all!

  • Know Your Grammar

Understanding grammar is one of the crucial IELTS preparation tips. If you know how to identify and write in plural and singular, different tenses and all that good stuff, you’ll find the test a whole lot easier and be far more likely to pass.

  • IELTS Preparation Course

Taking an IELTS preparation course is a great way to improve your chances at the IELTS reading test. At UKCE, we offer day courses and evening courses so you can prepare around your day to day life. We’re based in London which has a ton of advantages and can help you pass in no time!