How to regain motivation

How to regain motivation

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Keeping your motivation while learning something, especially a language, is very important. With everything going on in our lives it’s no wonder that we may lose this motivation from time to time. You’re not alone. Sometimes students are scared, embarrassed, shy or don’t want to lose face. In some cases students don’t feel challenged enough and get bored. So here is a guide for students who are at that point, where they need to regain their motivation in their learning.

Don’t Stop Believin’

Apart from being an amazing song on our stay home playlist, the message is plain and simple if you are trying to regain your motivation. If you stop, you’ll achieve nothing. It’s really important to trust the process in order to regain your motivation. Make sure you communicate any problems you’re having with your teacher because we almost always have a solution. If we don’t we have, then we have colleagues who do. Keep going, don’t give up and most importantly don’t stop believing.

Focus on your successes

If you take one thing away from this blog it should be the above: don’t stop. Do you really want to get halfway through learning a language and then give up? No – that would be crazy! But let’s look at the keyword in that sentence “halfway”, hey that sounds like progress to me! You are halfway there and that is an improvement on the day before. Learning a language is tough and sometimes takes baby steps. You’re most likely learning and absorbing new things without even realising it.


Learn to celebrate the small successes. Set yourself challenges everyday to keep your motivation up. It can be to ask someone a question, to ask someone for directions, to go into a shop you haven’t been into before, to read a book in English, to watch a film in English, or even  to do a tour of a museum in English and then celebrate the fact that you could do that! Reward yourself for doing these little things. Tell your friends. Post it as your Facebook status, and remember to give yourself that positive reinforcement. Don’t talk about it, shout about it.

Start talking

There is an idiom in English; ‘you can walk the walk but can you talk the talk?’. Basically, it means that you may be able to have the knowledge of something, but can you use it. So, when you’re learning a language, obviously knowledge is important but don’t forget to use it as much as possible as well. This is the key to being good at a language. Speaking is one of the most important parts of a language.  Practise speaking with people, ask someone in the supermarket a question, go to language exchanges, download apps that we’ve spoken about like lingbe and talk to people, play games over the internet,etc. There are so many ways you can get some real valuable speaking practice.

Don’t rush

Everybody learns at their own pace and you shouldn’t fight it. Imagine learning a language is like growing a plant.  You’re the seed, the teacher is the soil, the textbook is the light, and the apps and activities are the water. You just need to use all of those things to push your way up and out of the ground and grow slowly until you blossom. What that means is that you need to go at your pace. When you accept that the speed that you are learning is the right speed for you, you will regain that motivation you have lost. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practise, just don’t compare yourself to someone else. Concentrate on you and take it step by step.


Keeping your motivation while learning something is very important. So if you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a rut or aren’t going away with your learning, remember our top tips for regaining your motivation. Stick at it and eventually you’ll come out on top!

Laura Villa
Laura Villa