How social media can help you learn a language

How social media can help you learn a language

How social media can help you learn a language?

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How social media can help you learn a language? Learning a language requires focus and concentration – Fact.  Social media is distracting and is good for friends and photos – Fact.  Social media can help you learn a language – fact? Yes! It’s true.

If you’re asking yourself how you can use social media to learn English, then you aren’t crazy. However, it goes without saying that you’ll need discipline because candy crush and selfies are 100% guaranteed not to aid your learning in any way, but here is how you can use some popular social media platforms to improve your English.


Snapchat is great for practising your writing in a concise way and for your pronunciation. You probably aren’t the only person you know who is learning, so why not connect with them on Snapchat and be creative with your English?

Send short videos with captions to your friends and classmates, and don’t worry about mistakes because after 10 seconds it is gone forever. You can create group videos with your classmates too, and even follow accounts like Ebaby and learn English everyday who have free lessons on the app.


Facebook is great because it lets you connect with people with similar interests as easily as businesses and schools.

Of course, UKCE produces six short videos a week of fun interactive lessons on Facebook live, which we obviously 100% recommend, but on Facebook there are also groups you can join for other learners, like English conversation or Learn English where other users constantly upload learning tips and jokes that they’ve enjoyed. If you don’t want to join those groups there are pages you can follow like English Mistakes Remover, which upload common errors and correct them or Learn English – British Council which uploads micro lessons and pictures.


Twitter is a great place to get tips and advice if you want a more passive experience. You can interact, but the chances of engagement are low.

A personal favourite account of mine is @madamgrammar who tweets some, admittedly, niche things but they are certainly unique.

@grammarmonster is really good and tweets answers to questions you didn’t even realise you had on a very clear format.

But if you prefer quality over quantity learn English whose twitter handle @learnpronounce , is a really good feed with some nice images, clear relevant examples and vetted curated content from multiple sources.


In order to find good pages that are worth following you need to sift through a lot of the rubbish, and there is a lot of junk out there on the gram.

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you at UKCE. A really good page we like is @papateachme. He is a fellow Londoner with an authentic cockney accent and that typical loud funny personality to match. He is a comic genius but you have to understand that it is a mix of grammar, culture and British comedy.

And of course, we’re going to recommend our page; @UKCE_London but not without good reason. We have grammar and vocabulary videos on our live stream 4 times a week at the moment. Plus we have idiom videos and culture lessons too and we upload good quality content to our feed. We really are worth a follow if you plan on using social media to improve your English.


So there you have it…you can use social media in your everyday life to improve your English skills and it doesn’t take much time out of your schedule to do it either. So join us on our social media pages and find out what you’re missing!