How Learning From Qualified Trainers at Our English College Benefits You

How Learning From Qualified Trainers at Our English College Benefits You

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A good English trainer can make learning English easier and more enjoyable, but how do you decide if an English trainer is qualified to effectively teach you English? One way is to ask about their certifications. English-teaching certifications show that your English trainer has the skills and experience needed to be an effective teacher. Certification also shows that they take their job teaching English seriously.

At UK College of English, all of our trainers are Trinity/CELTA certified or equivalent. Do you want to know more about these certifications and what they mean for your own English education? Read on to learn more.

Certified English Trainers Know How to Structure Lessons

If you are learning English, you want an English trainer who has the right teaching skills to help you easily learn and understand the language. An English trainer who is unprepared for a lesson can lead to class time being wasted. Many people know how to speak English, however, that doesn’t mean they can teach English. Teaching is a skill that must be learned and mastered. English trainers with Trinity/CELTA or equivalent certifications have been trained how to teach.

This means that your English trainers at UK College of English know how to plan lessons and manage class time. They have been taught about learning styles so that they can develop lessons to improve your reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. Certified trainers begin every lesson knowing exactly what they are going to teach that day and how they are going to teach it. This structure and clarity makes your English learning more effective.


Certified trainers are taught how to plan lessons and manage class time
Certified trainers are taught how to plan lessons and manage class time


Qualified English Trainers Must Have Teaching Practice to Be Certified

For both the CELTA and Trinity certifications, your English trainers had to complete 6 hours of observed teaching practice. During this practice, they taught real students and received real feedback from a qualified teacher. This feedback means they have already refined their teaching style and they are ready to help you learn English.

Trainers are also assessed on the quality of their teaching. Not everyone passes the CELTA or Trinity courses. For example, if they fail their teaching practice, they may not become certified. These high standards mean that when your English trainer is certified, you know they have passed a rigorous training process.


Trinity/CELTA certified teachers have completed real classroom experience
Trinity/CELTA certified teachers have completed real classroom experience


Certified English Trainers Know What it is Like to Learn English

As you likely know, learning a new language is challenging. It is helpful to you if your English trainer also understands what it is like learning a language. That way, they can better understand your point-of-view when you encounter challenges. Your English trainer’s certification helps them appreciate your perspective.

For example, in order to become Trinity certified, English trainers are required to experience learning an unknown language. Learning a new language helps your trainer better understand why you may be encountering difficulties with certain areas, and suggest solutions to help you succeed in English college.

Similarly, CELTA-certified trainers are taught how to understand the cultural and linguistic backgrounds of students. This training helps them recognise how their students’ backgrounds affect how they learn English. By understanding your point-of-view, your English trainer can give you clear instructions to help you improve your English faster.

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