We are in the thick of it again. Our courses have started a new and our students are getting the ball rolling. If you want to hit the ground running, there is only one way to do it. Work. Remember back when Rihanna had that song work, work, work, work, work. When she was singing Ri-Ri wasn’t talking about her businesses. She was going on about study. OK I’m lying but the thing to remember here is an important part of study, is doing your homework.

I recently spoke to a student who didn’t do his homework. I crucified them. Not literally of course, but I made the next 5 minutes of their life very uncomfortable. I think there are many reasons why someone might not do their homework, but I accept very few. Some teachers are kind and will allow you to finish it later or in the lesson. But not all of them. If you have a teacher that cares more about progress than kindness, then good luck. Not doing your homework is like blood in shark infested waters, the teacher will eat you alive.


Why should you do your homework?

So, let’s talk about it. Without the expressions, without any metaphors, without the hyperbole. Why is homework such a big deal?

Homework was invented by a man called Roberto Nevillis in 1095. This guy was super strict. Some people even say that he invented homework as a way to punish his students. Nowadays, we use it a bit more sensibly.

The benefits of homework are that you get forced to revise the lesson content. This helps you show how well you’ve understood the content of the class and it shows the teacher how well you’ve done too. If you struggle with the homework or do a bad job then it’s not a problem, the teacher uses homework as a litmus to see how well you’ve learned everything, and what they need to focus on in the class. It’s the educational version of a barometer.

Issues with homework

Students don’t do their homework because of many reasons. The crux of it is almost always either laziness or disorganisation. The teacher will almost always infer it as disrespectfulness. Shudder. That’s an awful thing to be thought of as.

Teachers find students who refuse to do their homework either annoying, lazy or dangerous. Why? It is always the student that isn’t interested in making progress that doesn’t do it. This is frustrating for the teacher because we know who is really in charge; the student. Student evaluations can make or break people’s careers. Why? Well students who don’t do their homework, tend to do badly at the end of the course. Homework is a great way of showing the teacher how well you’ve learnt what they’ve taught. If you don’t do your homework, then the teacher can’t measure your progress and won’t know how to help. If the teacher can’t help you then guess what. You’re going to fail. There is a strong correlation between student laziness and student failure. Students who are too lazy to do the homework are showing the teacher they are disorganized. Teachers who are disorganized, get fired, and so we don’t appreciate it when we aren’t able to expect the same of our students. If we were that disorganized no one would learn a thing. That means, if you aren’t organized then you aren’t trying to learn anything either.

One of the other problems is that students understand this maybe on a subconscious level, so they lie. They give an excuse. Sometimes they are so bad, they are insulting. Gone are the days of ‘my dog ate it’, society has moved on. One student told me they fell asleep (for 24 hours apparently) another said they had work. Both of these people could have found the time to do the work, but they chose not to. If you are an excuse maker, remember that the teacher was a student at one point. They’ve been through it. You know the expectation and they were rightfully chewed out. Finally, the student who doesn’t practise and doesn’t even try. Maybe they think they are better than everyone? Don’t worry. If that is you, the universe will deal with you. Because ultimately you will never progress.

So, if you are one of the good ones, who cares, who wants to improve and respects their teacher. Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful life. Those of you who don’t do your homework, I hope you get a hole in your sock! I’m just kidding. Just do your homework and then nothing bad will happen. I promise.

Keep calm and carry on studying…