Living in London – your week of free activities

Living in London – your week of free activities

Welcome to our living in London series. Here we tell you the best ways to enjoy our beautiful city. These are tips and hacks written by us, that we use, and we know are great. This week we are telling you about some of the benefits of living in a city as large as London. The freebies. This week is more of a suggested guide of free activities. Each day we have one thing you can enjoy in the morning, one in the afternoon and one for the evening. So, top up your oyster card and let us turn your week into your weekend.  


Monday fun-day or so they call it. The morning starts with a lovely trip to the Natural History museum where you can come face-to-face with a giant fossil. They also have an earthquake simulator here. I love it. Dippy the dinosaur comes back at the end of May as well so if you fancy doing this in the warmer part of the year then this is my recommendation. 

When you’ve finished learning about all the wonderful creatures you can head over to the tube and get the Piccadilly line to Kings cross and visit the platform 9¾. If you want a picture be careful who you ask, the staff can’t take photos of you and some people like to take advantage of this and steal your phone or bags. Be cautious! 

Now that you’re in King’s cross recharge your batteries and go for a lovely long stroll along the canal until you get to the beautiful Little Venice. Enjoy the sites and beautiful houses along the way. You might see canal boats, bridges fish and fishermen. You can relax by the waterfront and absorb the tranquillity of the towpath. 


Tuesday, wake up and get on over to Leicester Square where your adventure starts. You can get your imagination inspired in the LEGO store. Some of the creations in the store mind blowing. The things that you can create with those little plastic bricks are endless, and you’ll spend hours marvelling at the plethora of different designs. 

When you’ve finished, you’ll enjoy a nice short walk down to Trafalgar Square where you can enjoy one of the free lunchtime concerts that they put on at the St Martin-in-the-Fields church. There is a crypt down below the church too. Check. That. Out! 

After that why not take a short little stroll down to the embankment and get the tube over to Aldgate and visit the school! Say hi and register for a free trial class and then walk to Leadenhall Market for more Harry Potter fun. You can follow a wizarding trail of the filming locations. Check out the Blue Cauldron, Diagon Alley and all of the market stalls, statues, shops and installations.  


Start your morning with some fresh air a nice long walk on Wimbledon Common. My advice is to take some breakfast with you. This beautiful common is famous for a popular children’s TV show. Maybe you can strike up a conversation about it. If you want to you can walk along the nature trail, where you’ll find ponds, a nature trail and a windmill.  

If you like animals, then today is the day for you. You’ll meet some obscure animals like ferrets and alpacas and the more common ones like bunny rabbits too. These are all at Vauxhall City Farm and the area is very cycle friendly too. You can watch people ride the ponies. Now I understand that animals might not be everyone’s favourite thing so I’m giving you two options here. A free haircut at London School of Barbering – Liverpool Street. They are trainees so there is a chance they’ll make a mistake especially if you want something complex, but they have professionals monitoring them all the time so it’s never going to be a problem. Plus, the added bonus is that you’re helping others learn. Ever heard the expression you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours? This is it in the form of a haircut. 

When you have finished, make your way to London’s most famous golden-gated royal residence. That’s right. Buckingham Palace. You need to be there just before 11 for the handover. Handover you say? You are about to witness the ‘changing of the guard’ ceremony. 


Thursday morning starts with a trip down to Forest Hill. The Horniman museum and Gardens is an impressive collection of musical instruments, taxidermy and anthropology. You can enjoy the massive overstuffed walrus too. It’s so strange. The museum’s goal is to connect everyone closer to nature and how to link us all globally. 

When you’ve finished, hop onto the train to London Bridge and go to the Tate Modern Gallery. Here you can admire Picasso’s, Rothko’s, Dalí’s, Pollock’s and Warhol’s masterpieces. When you have finished you can walk across the bridge and there’s a secret lift where you can get a clear view of St Paul’s cathedral.   

Make sure you’ve already booked your free ticket to attend the unusual ceremony of the Keys. This is a ritual that has happened almost every day for about 700 years in London. It hasn’t ever changed (except for the name of the monarch). It’s at the Tower of London and starts at 9:30 sharp. If you’re late. You aren’t getting in. Don’t even try it, I promise, they won’t allow it.  


This is it. Friday. You’ve made it and haven’t spent a penny! (Except for travel). Make sure that you visit the the London wall. London is a very old city and there is a LOT of history here. This is the remnant of the Roman wall which was built in AD 200 and once formed part of the eastern defences of “Londinium” which was the Roman name. There is also the Museum of London here, so if you want to peek inside at all, because the weather is horrible or something, then in you can go. It’s free, like most museums in London.  

When you’ve finished here, you’ll likely want more history, so scoot on over to the London Mithraeum and check out more Roman ruins and artefacts here. It’s an old temple that was left totally untouched for centuries. 

Take some time to relax and again we’re giving you two options here. It’s party time and you bet we’ve got a little something for you. If you want to experience the UK’s Caribbean culture and dance along to ska, roots, reggae and folk rhythms at Hootananny Brixton, which has loads of free gigs. Or if there’s nothing on the website then you can just check out eventbrite, which offers loads of free gig/ talks/ activities/viewings/screenings etc.