What is FlexiClass?


How much?



1.  How many weeks can I book?

You can book as many weeks as you like.


2. Can I study one week in the morning and one in the afternoon?

Yes, you can switch between morning and afternoon on a weekly basis. If you’d like to switch to a different time slot, please email us the week before by Thursday at 5pm.


3. Can I study Monday, Wednesday and Fridays in the morning and Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon?

Not yet. You can change your course for the whole week, but you cannot do it daily.


4. What type of lessons are there?

General English and IELTS. We also have CAE preparation in the evening. CAE is only in the evening though.


5. Will I be able to follow the course if I switch between evening and mid-day every day?

Yes, you will. All classes are in the same unit.


6. Are all evening lessons in school or do you offer on-line lessons too?

Evening lessons take place both in school and online. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday they take place in school. Wednesday and Friday lessons are online.


7. Can I switch between face-to-face lessons and online lessons for the same price?

Absolutely, you can do so on a weekly basis.


8. Will online lessons be at the same time as face to face?

There are two time slots for online lessons: 1. Day time 15 hours: Monday to Friday 12:30 – 15:30 2. Evening 10 hours Monday to Friday 18:30 to 20:30.


9. Will I need to buy a book?

Yes, you will need to buy a book for face-to-face lessons.


10. I am already studying with UKCE, how can I join FlexiClass?

All UKCE students can make use of this offer. Simply, email us by Thursday at 5pm, and we will change your course for the following week.


11. When do I have to let you know which time slot I want , if I need to change timeslots?

The week before you’d like to change, by Thursday at 5pm


12. What happens if I need to end my course early?

You can suspend your course and re-join at any point up to 3 months after your last day of study (depending on your visa) – all for no extra charge.


13. What software do you use for the on-line classes?

Our current school platform is Ayotree. That’s where you can access your student portal, progress reports, homework etc. Online lessons take place in Zoom.


14. Will I keep the same teacher if I change time slots?

You will most likely have a different teacher, which is a good thing. You will benefit from different teaching methods and hear different accents.


15. Can I take a break during my course?

Yes, you can. Email support@ukeglish.org.uk or aczjaka@ukenglish.org.uk to book holiday. Please do at least 5 days before your first day off.


16. Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you can. The number of instalments will depend on the number of weeks you have book. Our sales team will advise on how and when the instalments must be paid.


17. Can I keep the same book if I change time-slots?

Yes, the book will be the same.


18. Are  online lessons recorded?

No, all online lessons are live.


19. Is there an enrolment fee?

Yes, the enrolment fee is £40 for new students only.


20. Can I combine my face to face lessons with the online ones in the same week?

Not yet, you can switch weekly but not daily.


21. Who do I speak to if I want to change my level?

For level changes, please speak with your teacher. To change the time of your course, please email federica@ukenglish.org.uk or support@ukenglish.org.uk

Terms and Conditions

  • Valid for bookings made and paid by the 31st of October 2020
  • Valid for any start date from now until the end of 2021
  • Offer is not applicable in conjunction with any other offer or promotion
  • Students may only opt to swap the times of their course if there is the appropriate level /class running in another time slot. UKCE will not open a swap level/class unless there are a minimum of 5 students who wish to use that time slot. If there is no appropriate class/level for a swap then a student may insert a holiday break in their course and then resume at such a time as there is
  • All other normal Terms and Conditionsapply