Feedback for the student and the teacher

Feedback for the student and the teacher


teacher giving feedback

Feedback is really important in the classroom and it’s also important for teachers as well. Most students like to know how they are doing, and how they can improve. Getting feedback is a valuable way to find this out. But teachers also want to know how their students feel. If they are focusing on the students needs enough and if the activities they are using are helping them. Here are some ways we try to give and get feedback at UKCE.

In class

Teachers give feedback to students throughout the lessons and most students don’t even realise they are getting it. Some of the ways teachers give feedback is when they correct answers or give the student praise for a correct answer. Another way can be giving delayed feedback in class. This can be after a discussion or activity, where the teacher highlights and explains some examples of what was heard, eliciting the correct answer if needed. The teacher will also give their students a tutorial periodically. A tutorial allows the student and teacher to reflect on their progress during their lessons and give some advice as to how to improve.

After class

If a student feels they need more feedback from their teacher, then they can always talk to the teacher after their class. Sometimes students can feel a little embarrassed in the lesson. Actually, asking for personalised feedback in the class isn’t always the right time during a lesson. My personal recommendation for students that are in this situation is to ask the teacher if you can have a quick chat with them before or after the next class. Most teachers, like me, will be willing to do this and can give constructive feedback to help the student improve further.

We also have a student counsellor at UKCE. Students can book timeslots with the counsellor to talk about their time at school, their progress or help them with applications for University or work.

The school

Feedback is really important in the classroom and it’s also important for teachers as well. Here at UKCE we welcome feedback and we do this in a variety of different ways. We ask our students to do weekly feedback forms for their teacher and classes. Our team also send feedback forms at the start of your course and the week before you leave too. All this feedback is to help us improve as a school and make sure you feel the student is being heard. But just like students, as a school we love good feedback too. If you love us, let us know. Tell us on Facebook, leave us a good review on Google, or simply tell your friends how great we are! Why not spread the positivity?


Feedback for students is a key part of the learning process. But we believe it’s important for us too – to make us the best school we can be.  So, go ahead and embrace the feedback. It can be scary sometimes but ultimately helps everyone to be better!

Laura Villa
Laura Villa