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Cambridge English: First

Cost: Starting from £110
Duration: Course Programmes between 1 week – 48 weeks
Timetable: AM and PM Classes
Our courses do not include the external examination fee, which is £122 for Cambridge First Certificate.

Cambridge English: First – or the First Certificate in English (FCE) – is an upper intermediate (B2) level examination that has the potential to significantly enhance your educational and work prospects. As one of the most widely sat English language examinations in the world, it has a reputation among educational facilities and leading industries for proving competency and confidence in writing and speaking everyday English.

At the UK College of English, our FCE preparation course will help you develop your language skills in a manner that is perfect for practical use, and which will help you succeed in your examination.

Who should study the FCE preparation course?

The FCE examination has long been used for study, employment and migration purposes, reflecting a candidate’s ability and understanding of the English language. If you’re looking to advance your skills with a view to studying or working in an English-speaking nation, approaching the FCE examination with the support and expertise offered by our preparation course is essential.

What does the course cover?

The core components of the FCE are reading, writing, speaking and listening. Our FCE preparation course will help you approach each module through a fun and interactive learning experience. With access to practice exam papers, experienced tutors, and small, focussed classes of no-more than 14 people, we’ll guide you through all aspects of the examination and make sure you enter your assessment with complete confidence.

FCE Course Objectives

  • Introduction to the FCE exam, including format, organisation and content of each of the four papers
  • Paper 1 – Use of English – Focus on the different types of grammar and vocabulary exercise in the exam including multiple choice, word formation and key word transformations
  • Paper 1 – Reading – Focus on the different types of reading exercise in the exam including multiple choice, gapped text and multiple matching
  • Paper 2 – Writing – Focus on the different types of writing task including essay, review, report, article, letter/email
  • Paper 3 – Listening – Focus on the different types of listening task including multiple choice (extracts), sentence completion, multiple matching and multiple choice (longer conversation)
  • Paper 4 – Speaking – Focus on the different types of speaking task including interview, long turn (describing photographs), collaborative task, discussion
  • Strategies for dealing with the various types of question in each of the papers.
  • Use of authentic practice and past papers
  • Remedial grammar and vocabulary work as required
  • Why should I join the FCE preparation course?

    Preparing for any examination can prove daunting, no matter how experienced or advanced your language skill might be. By joining the UK College of English’s FCE preparation course, you have the chance to connect with like-minded students, receive individual attention from knowledgeable tutors, and sit mock examinations, all of which will help calm your nerves before your take your final exam.

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