Mobile phone games for improving your English

Mobile phone games for improving your English

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Everyone learning English should have apps on their phone to help them along the way. At UKCE, we have scoured google play for mobile games that you can play to improve your English. In a previous blog we wrote about 7 apps that you can use to improve your English. Here are some apps that are fun and will help you to continue to improve, without you even realising it. And don’t worry because they are all free too! Even better.

  1. Wheel of Fortune Free Play

If this first mobile phone game’s title sounds familiar, that’s because this is a popular televised game show in the UK.   It  comes with souvenirs and the option to play against friends. It’s a great way to practise collocations, compound nouns and expressions but my goodness is it addictive.

  1. Just Say It!

Another great mobile game for improving English is Just Say It! If you’ve ever played taboo, congratulations you already know what to do. For those that aren’t sure, the premise is simple: you have to guess the other player’s word. Easy peasy. You can choose the right level of difficulty for you as well.  You can set the difficulty level relative to your level of English.

  1. Word Connect

This one is for the puzzle lovers out there. You are given a group of letters and the task is to create words. Apart from being a great way to improve and practise your vocabulary and spelling, it has daily challenges too. It encourages you to come back again and again. I can’t not mention that this particular mobile game does its absolute best to get you to buy upgrades and pay for the advert free version. Stay strong!

  1. Words with Friends

I know, you’ve probably tried to talk your friends into practicing English with you, but it didn’t work. No problem, your real friends are on this app. It is basically scrabble, but you can play it whenever you feel like it. You can start multiple games with different people, in multiple languages (however, we encourage you to play this in English) and you score points too! It’s great for when you’re waiting in the queue for the supermarket (queue scores 16 points).

  1. Word Chums

Coming up with words in words with friends sometimes results in you just placing random tiles on the board and strange words get accepted. Word Chums, however has a dictionary so you actually do start learning and understanding the words you play. As a mobile phone game, it’s great, and as a dictionary it’s also great! The characters are cute too. You can play in a team or alone and it has daily challenges. Plus, it only comes in English, so I know you’ll be using it responsibly!

  1. One clue Crossword.

If you’re familiar with crosswords, you’ll know that the ones in the paper are tricky, which means that crosswords in a second language are nearly impossible. But this is a blog about mobile phone games that improve your English, not frustrate you and One Clue Crossword takes the frustration out of it by giving you a clue – this makes it doable, fun and gives you a chance to practise your spelling.

  1. Seven little Words

I had to put this in 7th place because it has 7 in the title. This one is like Word Chums but for crosswords. It gives you a list of 7 definitions or clues and you just punch in the words. It’s a great way to keep up with vocabulary because you’re able to guess the words from the hint it gives you to define it. Finally, it’s good spelling practice too and a really simple mobile phone game for improving your English.


So, don’t waste any more time on Instagram or Facebook (unless it’s to watch our UKCE English Doctor live sessions). Everyone learning English should have apps on their phone to help them. Get downloading some of these apps  and see how you can improve your English while having fun too!


Laura Villa
Laura Villa