ESL Podcasts

ESL Podcasts

I’m not one to listen to birds or the sound of traffic as I walk anywhere, nor do I find it enjoyable listening to others’ conversations. I sometimes listen to music but what I love most is listening to Podcasts. Podcasts are entertaining and enjoyable. Podcasts are an opportunity for you to learn English. So I’ve scoured a range of brilliant podcasts (it was really enjoyable for me) and now, sadly, here’s my completed list. I might do another list for you all in the future to keep it up to date.

Premier skills English

This is for all of you footy lovers! So, this podcast is from the Premier league, yes the official premier league, and for lovers of football and learners of English, it’s the perfect blend. They mention other sports too, and you can get in touch with the hosts by email. The good thing about this podcast is that they give you a task to do every week. The topics are great for learning English and doing different challenges.

6 minute English

The good people at the BBC have given us two lovely hosts: Neil and Georgina and they teach us useful language. Neil has a quiz question every week too which is nice when you get it right. The good thing about this podcast is that it’s short and intersting. There are so many topics that you can listen to 10 episodes and not even realise. They interview people as well, and it’s all legit because it’s from the BBC. Really interesting and frequent.

English with Steven

Another fellow Brit but this time he’s from Birmingham and has his own “brummie” lilt and inflections. Steven talks about a range of topics. They are largely on the more technical or etymologic side of the language he records from Brazil. They are interesting for both learners of English, and your teacher will certainly be very impressed with all of the things you learn with Steven that you can tell them.

ESL pod

There are about 2,000 of these lessons and they are all really interesting and most importantly topical. Dr Jeff records his podcast from an educational centre in LA. The episodes are a dialogue usually and they come with a list of words in the description that you’ll be encountering in the episodes and they are quite funny, lasting for about 15-20 minutes each. Personal favourites: episode 1,150 Avoiding Topics in Conversation and episode 802 Talking about Movies.

Jeremy’s English tips

Jeremy is part of a bigger podcast (The Culips English) podcast but Jeremy really hones in on the things that will help students improve. Every episode he finds something in English, usually a really subtle difference and teaches us with examples, or if not, he teaches us an expression. Each episode is really well structured and Jeremy helps us with spelling, good examples and comparisons and he has a lovely accent. Personal favourites are: Episode 17: get your foot in the door.

Culips English podcast

Culips is a force to be reckoned with. They have a range of different speakers where they do different things. We already mentioned Jeremy, who I think is amazing, but there are plenty of other hosts. Andrew has discussions and conversations about different things with Jeremy and Suzanne. Catch word is really good too and if you sign up at the website, they have study guides for each episode with explanations and examples of how to use the vocabulary as well as quizzes and things.

Speak English Podcast with teacher Georgiana

Georgiana’s goal is to get you to learn English without a textbook.  She uses a kind of question and answer technique. The episode about British and American accents is super interesting and there is a new episode every week. She started in 2017 so there are many episodes that you can enjoy. It is a great way to practise your listening, learn something historical or cultural and other episodes let you do some grammar practice using her method. The topics are interesting, and the best part is that she’s not a native speaker but has perfect pronunciation.


Finally, guys, I’ve checked, and all of these wonderful podcasts are all available on Spotify, apple podcasts and online.  You can thank me later and happy listening. Remember, podcasts are an opportunity for you to learn English

Laura Villa
Laura Villa