Earth day – What is earth day?

Earth day – What is earth day?

Earth Day

Earth day is an important annual event held on 22nd April.  Earth Day shows support for environmental protection around the world. This means that special attention and understanding is shown towards natural places such as ecological parks, nature reserves and rainforests. It is to remind us to take a moment to think about the best way to preserve these places.  Let’s celebrate Earth Day.

Where did Earth Day come from?

Earth day was created because the natural world, such as ecological parks, nature reserves and rainforests are under threat from human activity. There are a lot of different ways that people have a negative impact on the planet. Something as simple as going to see a friend for dinner can have multiple impacts on the planet and they are mostly negative. Imagine the petrol you use to get to the restaurant, how many lights and electrical devices are in operation at the restaurant, the fact that your friend or friends have travelled to the restaurant as well, all three of you have left the Wi-Fi on and the TV plugged in at home. Almost everyone uses these resources, and they can be a constant drain on the planet’s natural resources. To think our poor planet has to constantly pump all of that electricity and how much of it is wasted.

In 1987, scientists started to become aware of a serious problem. They finally noticed a trend in the average global temperature rising, the amount of untouched natural space declining, the number of species going extinct and sea levels rising. All ensuring damage to the planet and possibly causing severe weather changes in some regions.

At UKCE we believe that only your level of English should be rising and not the sea levels.

1 billion people in 193 countries who mark Earth day agree with us. We have several measures in place, at all levels of the business. This is to make sure that you are able to learn with us in a way that supports the planet and has your values at heart.

Earth day sounds a little bit like the word birthday. To think of Earth day as our lovely little planet’s ‘birthday’ is a splendid way to do so. After all, on our birthday it’s nice to be treated in a special way. We make an effort on our family’s and friend’s birthdays so why not for the planet?

So for Earth Day this year we are writing a series of blogs just for you. These are not only to inform you of the things that damage the planet, but also to highlight some things we can all do to help the planet. These are simple things such as recycling, or thinking about taking that short journey in the car to the supermarket when you only need a couple of things. Yes, we’re all guilty of being a bit lazy sometimes. You can also show your support for Earth Day as well but visiting the Earth Day website and signing up for the movement to promote a healthier world.


Lets try to save the planet one small thing at a time! Let’s celebrate Earth Day!

Laura Villa
Laura Villa