Complaints Procedure

We believe that any problems you may have with the school or with your accommodation can usually be resolved quickly and fairly by simply chatting to your teacher or to one of our reception staff. Below you can find the school’s procedure for dealing with complaints.

  1. Tell your teacher or reception staff about your complaint. They will register your complaints on the Verbal Complaints Form.
  2. For complaints regarding the college, the Verbal Complaints Form will be given to the Director of Studies (DOS). For complaints regarding accommodation, the form will be given to the Office Administrator. All complaints will be dealt with in the strictest confidence, unless it interferes with the effective investigation, in which case the student will be informed. All complaints will be investigated and the student will be given a plan of action within two days.
  3. The Verbal Complaints Form will be put in a case folder, where we will keep any records of meetings, decisions and actions taken, and will be kept up to date by the DOS or the Office Administrator.
  4. You may speak to the DOS or the Office Administrator at any time he/she is available. A timeline of action will be agreed upon by both parties. We promise to deal with the issue as speedily as is possible, although timelines may vary depending on the nature of the complaint.

Formal Complaints Procedure

If you are not happy with the response from the DOS/Office Administrator, you can begin our formal complaints procedure. You can find an explanation of this procedure below.

  1. Fill out a Written Complaints Form. These forms are available at reception.
  2. Submit the form to the Centre Head, Atam Sharma. The Centre Head will investigate the complaint and you will receive written confirmation of the complaint and action taken.
  3. If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Centre Head, you can submit your Written Complaints Form to the Director of UKCBC Ltd. The Director will investigate the complaint and the decisions made by UKCE staff. You will receive written confirmation of the complaint and any action taken.
  4. Having exhausted all internal options, in the unlikely event that the complainant believes their complaint has not been dealt with in accordance with the above procedure, they can request the assistance of an impartial third-party adjudicator.

To make a complaint via an impartial third-party adjudicator:

  1. The complainant should submit their complaint in writing or via email to either British Council or English UK.
  2. British Council Accreditation Unit
    Bridgewater House
    58 Whitworth Street Manchester
    M1 6BB UK

    The Chief Executive English UK
    219 St John Street London
    EC1V 4LY

  3. The complainant should ensure their letter includes details of how they have already tried to
    resolve their complaint with UKCE and any supporting documents, such
    as invoices, letter and the written outcome of your complaint.
  4. Please refer to the websites provided for detailed, up-to-date, procedure.
    Please note, the British Council and English UK can accept complaints from clients (i.e. students, group leaders and agents) but not from service providers.

We review policies, procedures, and complaints at our quarterly Quality Assurance meetings attended by the Centre Head, the Director of Studies, and other relevant