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How to give Directions in English

Learning to Give Directions in English When learning English, why not practice giving directions using short, concise and accurate phrases? Being able to direct people to where they need to be is an important life skill and will also ensure you are familiar with essential vocabulary should you ever get lost in an English-speaking country….

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English Phrases to Express Emotion

Describing Emotions and Feelings in English Whether you’re living, working, travelling or studying in an English-speaking country, it’s important to know how to express your emotions in order to communicate your thoughts and feelings eloquently. As human beings, our moods can go up and down throughout the day, so here are some useful words and…

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How to Describe yourself in English

Talking about Yourself in English Learning English will give you the opportunity to speak to many different and interesting people – particularly if you enrol in a college or have travelled half-way around the world to pursue your studies in an English-speaking country. During an initial meeting or conversation, however, you are likely to hear…

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Meeting, greeting and saying goodbye in English

Developing your English Conversation Improving your English language skills involves a lot of dedication. Rather than sticking with basic vocabulary such as “hello”, it’s important to push yourself to the next level and learn how to express yourself in a number of other ways – after all, English language speakers have many different ways of…

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